Think of it as a Mini Stop

It has already been reported that Mercedes-Benz is intending to introduce stop/start technology on their entire vehicle line to meet European emissions standards, but apparently BMW is prepared to take the first risk.
With the Mini.
According to Winding Road, the Mini will introduce a stop/start feature developed by Bosch on both its gas and diesel manual transmission models, beginning in September. It will make the formal introduction at the Frankfort Auto Show, which is also in September.
At the moment, BMW apparently intends to introduce this wonderful and amazing feature in Europe only.
Apparently, Europeans do not have sudden panic attacks when their cars die at an intersection.
Europeans have tolerated $6 per gallon gasoline and socialism. They let the Germans take over Rolls-Royce. They probably will put up with anything.
No indication from BMW when they want to introduce this wonderful revolutionary concept in the United States.
BMW says that adding this feature to the Mini means that it will produce the same CO2 emissions as a Prius.
They didn’t mention that it would be about as exciting.
On a related note,
NASA announced yesterday that the “global warming” model which it had employed for the past decade turned out to be wrong.
Seems they got taken in by a scientist who fudged his data, and got caught.
Previously, NASA had verified that 1998 was the hottest year on record, in all of history.
It wasn’t.
Turns out the hottest year on record was 1934.
As in “dust bowl.”
So, really, who cares about the “green gas” emissions?
Apparently, the political elite and the automakers who lack the courage to challenge them.
But, if they really want to sell a car that dies at every stop sign, I know a used car lot that has several that can do that for far less money.

What do you think?
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