• Think Your Ride Is Pretty Cool? Check Out This Ice-Cold Mercedes G-Wagen

No need for the bottle chiller option in this driveable ice car

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class has quite the reputation. Combining classic off-roader capability under the skin, a tall, boxy, iconic exterior style, and more opulence than a Malibu mansion in the interior, the G-Wagen is often a top pick among celebrities and well-heeled buyers looking to make a statement. Merc just dropped details on the latest 2019 model year for the G-Class, prompting some buyers to eye the options list in anticipation of delivery later this year. However, one Russian man from Siberia decided to play it cool and put together his own G-Class using – you guessed it – ice.

The man’s name is Vladislac Barashenko, and he just so happens to own a custom car shop, an asset that undoubtedly went a long way to helping him put together this ice box. Under the chiseled skin is the drivetrain of a Soviet-era UAZ-469 military jeep, which helps to give it the appropriate off-roader vibe. Meanwhile, on the outside, the icy body is lit by a series of LED strips that give the machine a multi-colored iridescent glow. It’s also got built-in GPS, as if you drive too far south, it’ll melt.

Indeed, this thing brings a whole new meaning to the term “slippery looking.” Check out the video to see it in action.


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Source: The Siberian Times

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