• Think Your Wheel Chair Can’t go Off-Road? Meet the Rip Chair 3.0

Let’s talk a bit about mobility for a minute. Most of us have it pretty good; we can stand up, and walk around with little to no problem. We can kick our feet through the mud without fear and navigate over tough terrain with much of a headache. But, not everyone is that fortunate. Those who are confined to using a wheelchair to get around – for whatever reason – have limits that the rest of us don’t have. Trying to push yourself (or drive an electric wheelchair) through things like mud, or even thick grass just doesn’t work. Well, that’s about to change. I’d like to introduce you to the Ripchair 3.0.

What started out as a prototype that was built for the Howe and Howe Technologies Show on the Discovery channel has now turned into this insane looking person hauler you see before you. Thanks to an increasing interest after the public laid eyes on that prototype, manufacturer Track Chair Extreme had no choice but to build a production model. As you can see from the images, this baby is built like a tank but is nice and user-friendly at the same time.

It is large enough that it can support most standard and electric wheelchairs, thanks to a newly designed ramp in the front. There is also a built-in seat option that extends outward for easy access. The Ripchair itself is built from aerospace grade aluminum, which means it is strong and lightweight. It has a 29 horsepower, four-stroke engine that is powerful enough to truck along 8 to 10 mph. It comes in various colors, has four-way dogleg suspension, and has hydrostatic drive with electronic controls. That’s just the basics, though. Keep reading to learn about the various options available for the Ripchair and what it’s really capable of doing – you’ll be amazed.

Even More

Think Your Wheel Chair Can't go Off-Road? Meet the Rip Chair 3.0
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There are a number of packaged options that include a cup holder, hunting rifle/ fishing rod holder, and the choice of joystick or lever control. Furthermore, this thing can be equipped with a class 2 receiver, and two different exterior lights – a 72 Watt LED unit in the front and a 27 Watt floodlight in the rear. Additional options include a total of four D-rings with towing points on each corner, a 5,000-pound winch, auxiliary outlet, and there’s even an Equalizer Shooting System designed by Jeff Malloy. Track Chair Extreme also says the Ripchair 3.0 is completely customizable and can be built to your specific request. As far as pricing for the Ripchair 3.0 goes, you’ll need to contact Howe and Howe Technologies here. (http://www.trackchairextreme.com/)

Why it Matters

Think Your Wheel Chair Can't go Off-Road? Meet the Rip Chair 3.0
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I’ve got to say that this thing is absolutely amazing. My father has been in a wheelchair for the better part of my life, and because there are places that you just can’t go in a wheelchair, he has missed out on a few things. With something like the Ripchair 3.0, there really isn’t much that you can’t do, even if you are confined to a wheelchair. Just look at it; it even has construction grade tracks that will pull you through and over just about anything. With something like this, those who are confined to a wheelchair can traverse fields, lightly wooded areas, even mud without a second thought. I’ve got to tell you, my father’s electric wheelchair certainly can’t do any of that.

Source: Track Chair Extreme

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