Commercials were funnier 60 years ago

Video commercials have been around for more than 60 years, and they’re still a good way to promote products, despite social media now offering several other alternatives. This is true for automakers as well, with all the major companies pumping out tens of commercials throughout the year. There’s no bad time to launch an ad, no matter the month, but December is a particularly good one. It’s the season to be jolly, the month when people become more emotional and spend more time with family and friends. It’s also the month when we spend a lot of money on gifts, and this is exactly why carmakers launch some of their best commercials around Christmas time.

I’ve seen plenty of good Christmas car commercials in recent years. Good as in smart on the marketing side, HD footage, and action-packed scenarios. But most of them lacked the memorable message a convincing commercial should have. And like most ads nowadays, they were very short. So while I know I’ve seen a few good ones, I can’t put my finger on them right away. This is why I’m digging up a commercial from 1960s for this Christmas.

Yeah, it may be almost 60 years old, from the era of black-and-white television, and shot in awful quality for modern standards, but it has many feats you can’t find in today’s ads. It’s a full two minutes, it introduces several products, and it has good humor. It makes fun of friends you might not want to be around for long, the sister-in-law’s annoying kids, and even your boss. Sure, some of these jokes might not be considered appropriate nowadays, but people weren’t so touchy back then. And the guy introducing all those cars knows how to get your attention. Christmas car commercials were definitely funnier in 1960.

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