• This 1967 Hoffman Citroen 2CV In Jay Leno’s Garage Is As Cool As it is Gorgeous

Did you know the French people’s car was offered as a convertible?

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There are cars out there that beg to be used as platforms. If you’ve watched Jay Leno’s Garage on YouTube, you’ll know he has plenty of weird and cool stuff that he likes to showcase in detail. This time, he’s showing us a 1967 Citroen 2CV, but not just any 2CV. This one has a custom fiberglass body and it’s a convertible.

This 1967 Hoffman Citroen 2CV In Jay Leno's Garage Is As Cool As it is Gorgeous
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To those who have never seen one before, the 2CV may look a bit strange, but it’s not difficult to grasp the philosophy behind it. Essentially, it was the French equivalent of the VW Beetle/Bug, and just like the small German car, it was produced for nearly half a century (1948-1990). It was the French people’s car. And just like with the VW Beetle, where people made custom fiberglass bodies and turned them into dune buggies, the 2CV too had its fair share of modified versions.

This 1967 Hoffman Citroen 2CV In Jay Leno's Garage Is As Cool As it is Gorgeous
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In the mid-1980s, a guy named Wolfgang Hoffman made fiberglass bodies for the 2CV and mounted them on the car’s chassis.

It was a simple body swap procedure, as the car has a body on frame construction. As Jay points out in the video, the car was a survivor. This means that it has not gone through a full restoration. In fact, the only thing he has changed since he got it was the new leather interior. He goes on telling us how the car has been sitting for a while, under a cover, while giving us probably the most amusing mouse impression you’ll ever hear. Yes, there were mice living in the car, prior to its rescue.

This 1967 Hoffman Citroen 2CV In Jay Leno's Garage Is As Cool As it is Gorgeous
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The body may have been swapped, but everything else is your typical minimalistic 2CV. The car is powered by a variety of flat-twin engines, ranging from 375 cc and 9 horsepower (6.6 kW) to 602 cc and 33 horsepower (25 kW). It also has the most unusual shifter for the four-speed automatic, which takes some getting used to. Jay also makes a remark about how soft the suspension is, resulting in a very smooth and comfortable ride. In fact, he points out that the French make the most comfortable cars. Frankly, he has a point. Despite not having much power, the car manages to keep up with modern traffic and is surprisingly fun to drive. Not to mention people’s reactions when they see it on the streets.

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