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This 1972 Ford Mustang Sprint Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

This 1972 Ford Mustang Sprint, Patriot package is as American as it can get, and it’s listed for a reasonable Price

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The Ford Mustang is one of America’s definitive cars, with a legacy that continues growing after six generations and more than 50 years. That said, there are many special editions, and today’s find on is one of them – a 1972 Ford Mustang Sprint Patriot package, listed for what seems to be a reasonable price.

This 1972 Ford Mustang Sprint Shouldn't Be Overlooked
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Being a 1972 model, this means it’s one of the last years of the first-generation Mustang (1964-1973). This particular one has the Sprint package, which was also offered for the Pinto and Maverick models. According to Ford’s 1972 registry, only 9,383 Mustangs came with the Sprint package, which makes just 7.5 percent of all Mustangs from that model year.

The Sprint package was introduced in anticipation of the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany.

This particular example features a very American color scheme consisting of Wimbledon White, with a dual hood stripe, rear panel, and lower body finished in Grabber blue and outlined with red. The Mustang’s overall aesthetics are completed by dual sport mirrors and a honeycomb, Mach 1 grille.

This 1972 Ford Mustang Sprint Shouldn't Be Overlooked
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The interior of the 1972 Ford Mustang Sprint featured the same three-tone color scheme, with seats featuring a blue center section and white side bolsters outlined by thin red inserts.

If that red, white, and blue color scheme isn’t American enough for you, all 1972 Mustangs were produced in Dearborn, Michigan, and featured American flag decals on the rear fenders. The few that were shipped to Canada replaced the American flag with a Maple Leaf insignia.

Under the hood of this red, white, and blue American fastback is the original Q-code 351 cubic-inch 4v Cobra Jet V-8, rated at 285 horsepower and 380 pound-feet (515 Nm), which are sent to the rear axle through the original four-speed manual.
This 1972 Ford Mustang Sprint Shouldn't Be Overlooked
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1972 Ford Musang Sprint specifications
Engine 351 cubic-inch 4v Cobra Jet V-8
Power 285 HP
Torque 380 LB-FT
Transmission four-speed manual

This particular example is also one of only 3,086 Ford Mustang Sprint SportsRoof/fastback. The car was recently advertised by a dealer in Springfield, Massachusetts, as an unmolested example with only 37,063 miles (59,647 km), which is believed to be the correct and original mileage of the car.

This 1972 Ford Mustang Sprint Shouldn't Be Overlooked
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The 1972 Ford Mustang Sprint is, indeed, a treasured piece of automotive history, further enhanced by the fact, 1972 is one of the last years you could get a non-restricted V-8 engine. But historically significant or not, all cars deserve to be driven. So, if you happen to have $44,990 burning a hole in your pocket, as well as an itch for one of the last non-restricted American V-8 engines, feel free to check out the listing.


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