• This 1973 Porsche Carrera RS "Obscura" Rendering Is Beyond Ridiculous

Then again, anything is possible in the realm of pixel manipulation

We are not saying that here at TopSpeed we have a knack for Porsche or for Khyzyl Saleem. That is easily noticeable from our weekly coverage.

It just so happens that occasionally, we get slapped with a couple of digitally-tweaked images that are so ridiculous that upon closer inspection, they somehow gain awesome status. It’s a must-share situation, really.

Take this 1973 Porsche Carrera RS dubbed the “Obscura”. Now, there’s a lot of work you can do on a ’73 Carrera RS. You can restore it to bone-stock condition, you can restomod it, or you can turn it into a Safari vehicle – this trend is increasingly popular these days, as you might have already noticed.

The Kyza, however, had other plans.

He didn’t just give it the slantnose treatment but also added the sort of body kit you would see on a time attach race car, OEM Porsche RS center-locking wheels, and slick tires.

Oh, and as per the artist’s caption, the build is “McLaren powered” and spec’d as his own, private track car.

Not that we are criticizing his work or anything, but there’s a bit of an imbalance proportion-wise. The ducktail spoiler looks great and the quad exhausts are also aesthetically pleasing, however, the front splitter is just insanely huge and together with the lowered side skirts, it kind of makes the mid-front section look way busier than the rear.

That aside, we can definitely see this body kit being turned into reality. All it takes is one wealthy and eccentric customer as well as a passionate tuner willing to think and work outside the box.

Tudor Rus
Tudor Rus
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