This 1977 Ford F-100 Pre-Runner Is An Epic, Sreet-legal Trophy Truck
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This 1977 Ford F-100 Pre-Runner Is An Epic, Sreet-legal Trophy Truck

Once salvaged from a roll-over accident, this 1977 Ford F-100 was turned into a V-8-powered thrill machine that loves to go airborne

AutotopiaLA is back with what is, arguably, the most outrageous build on the channel – a 1977 Ford F-100 Pre-Runner. What makes this truck special is not only the fact that it survived a roll-over accident, but also that it is a V-8-powered, street-legal trophy truck that loves to hang in the air.

This 1977 Ford F-100 Pre-Runner Is An Epic, Sreet-legal Trophy Truck
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The new suspension is more than capable of handling the power, and allows for plenty of awesome jumps
The setup allows for 21 inches of front suspension travel and 28 inches of rear suspension travel

The truck was built by RJ Fab in Hesperia, California, and is a perfect example of taking an existing build and improving upon it. It’s actually a similar case to the Ford GT40 Ruffian, which started out as a Superformance chassis. The truck was originally built by Raceco USA, but was later acquired by a private owner. Just a few weeks later, the truck rolled over while raiding in the desert, and was taken to RJ Fab where, according to Rob from RJ Fab, they “really went to town with the truck”.

A lot of cutting had to be done because of the roll-over damage and approximately two-thirds of the cab is new. The roll-cage was intact, but the truck got a lot more tubes added, to the space frame, as it was previously a mild build. RJ Fab also added the shop’s signature spare tire rack in the back. Another visual change is the paint, which is now bright red with dual black stripes as opposed to dark blue with white stripes (before the accident).

This 1977 Ford F-100 Pre-Runner Is An Epic, Sreet-legal Trophy Truck
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Engine-wise, the truck started out with a 351 cubic-inch (5.8-liter) Windsor, Dart block, which was later stroked to 427 cubic inches (7.0 liters). Initially, the engine was carbureted, but later a Sniper fuel-injection system was installed. After the roll-over, the fuel system was upgraded to a Holley Terminator. At its lowest point, the build made 325 horsepower to the rear wheels, but now, Rob says it puts out around 525 rear-wheel horsepower.

Drivetrain-wise, the Custom Pre-Runner relies on a built C6, three-speed automatic transmission, which works with a cambered, all-Chromoly-steel, four-inch Trophy truck rear housing and ODR differentials with 5.43 rear gearing. Suspension-wise, the truck features heavy-duty Fox shocks with five tube passes and coil-overs on all four corners. The setup allows for 21 inches (533.4 mm) of front suspension travel and 28 inches (711.2 mm) of rear suspension travel. Essentially, the truck loves to spend time in the air as you can see from some of the images and the video.

This 1977 Ford F-100 Pre-Runner Is An Epic, Sreet-legal Trophy Truck
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Don’t think it’s a bare-bone on the inside, though. This trophy truck spoils you with heated leather seats, carbon-fiber roll-cage, Speed Hut gauges, Vintage Air A/C system, and even a touchscreen with a rugged frame. Inside, you will also find two sets of headphones, for when you are really opening that screaming V-8. You can also listen to music on them and they automatically lower the music when you want to talk to the driver or co-pilot, which is useful unless your passenger starts screaming.

But the craziest part is that it has California plates, and if it’s legal in California, it’s legal anywhere. If you want to see Sean from AutotopiaLA hold on to dear life, watch the video of the truck below.

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