• This 1980 Datsun (Nissan) 280ZX Is Literally Brand New, Probably Worth a Fortune

Someone bought a 28-year-old Nissan 280ZX with just 49 miles on the odo!

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Remember how the Lexus LF-A, even though discontinued since 2012, used to pop up at a handful of U.S. dealerships through 2018 and 2019? It’s a rare event, but once in a while old cars surface as brand-new several years after their production cycle ended.

Sometimes they are just a few years old, but other times they can spend decades hidden from sight. One such example is this Datsun 280ZX, a car built in 1980 but kept in pristine shape for almost 30 years.

This 1980 Datsun (Nissan) 280ZX Is Literally Brand New, Probably Worth a Fortune
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This video actually dates back to 2008, but it was made shortly before the car left a Nissan dealership, so it was sold off some 28 years after its production year and with just 49 miles on the odometer.

The fact that this car was kept in a brand-new condition for nearly 30 years isn’t the only impressive thing about it. It’s a rare version of the 280 ZX. It’s a 10th Anniversary Edition model in a black over gold two-tone scheme, of which only 2,500 were built.

It’s not the rarest 10th Anniversary Edition, as Nissan also sold 500 units finished in black and red, but it’s one of the rarest versions of the 280Z. This specific model was produced in 1980 only and on top of the paint scheme, it came with leather seating and other special features. It was powered by an inline-six engine rated at 135 horsepower.

The Datsun 280ZX, also known as the Nissan Fairlady Z and Nissan Fairlady 280Z in some markets, was part of the second-generation Nissan Z Car.

Introduced in 1978, it replaced the more iconic first-gen model, which included versions such as the 240Z, 260Z, and 280Z. The 280ZX 10th Anniversary Edition celebrated 10 years since Datsun launched the legendary 240Z in 1969.

Although fitted with some special features, the anniversary model was far from special under the hood, where it was fitted with the standard 280ZX model. Datsun eventually introduced a 145-horsepower engine in 1981, as well as a turbo model with a more impressive 180 horses output.

This 1980 Datsun (Nissan) 280ZX Is Literally Brand New, Probably Worth a Fortune
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Still, this 10th Anniversary Edition model must have been pretty expensive given its condition.

While mundane versions of this car usually costs under $10,000, well-maintained and low-mileage models from the same retail from more than $20,000. With a bit of research I found a 1980 10th Anniversary Edition model with 19,200 miles for $37,900, so one in brand-new condition with just 50 miles on the odo could cost close to $50,000 in 2020. Wow!

A new Z Car is underway

Nissan Ushers in the Future By Looking to its Past With the Z Proto Exterior Wallpaper quality
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If you’re a fan of Nissan’s Z Car, you probably already know that the 370Z is about to be replaced. Nissan recently unveiled a concept that will go into production in 2021 and will probably hit dealerships as the 400Z. The coupe is heavily inspired by the original 240Z, but it also borrows styling cues from the 300ZX of the 1990s. As before, it will feature gasoline power and at some point it will spawn a high-performance Nismo version.

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