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Every sporting event is currently suspended and all we can do is relive the action from the past. The same applies to motorsport and racing events as well. So, for today’s ‘blast from the past’ video, we have a 2017 Stadium Super Trucks Perth Race. This video has all the action – a race, big bulky trucks driving on two wheels, hoods flying, and whatnot.

Twenty Minutes Of Pure Bliss

This 2017 Stadium Super Trucks Race Is Epic in So Many Ways
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Right at the beginning of the video before the race starts, you can see two trucks driving sideways on two wheels. The action begins right away when all the trucks jump from a ramp placed after a first long sweeping turn. In the first lap itself the trucks slightly collide with each other. In the next lap, a truck’s hood flies away. A few minutes into the video you can see trucks going off the tarmac after they’ve lost control. A truck even climbs the ramp on two wheels, does a summersault, and flips over.

The Stadium Super Trucks was created by IndyCar and NASCAR driver, Robby Gordon, back in 2013. It is technically just a support series for IndyCar, but it is super-fun nevertheless. Off-road, customized trucks racing through and jumping around is a sight to watch.

The series has become a hit today for its raw action and has spread overseas. These off-road truck initially competed in American Football Stadium, but moved to street circuits and road courses in 2014. All the trucks are identical and look tough, but they are pretty fast too. On straight lines, these trucks hit up to 150 mph.

This 2017 Stadium Super Trucks Race Is Epic in So Many Ways
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What are your thoughts on this race as well as the Stadium Super Trucks as a whole? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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