• This 2019 ’Lanborghini’ Urus Needs A Dictionary

We know Urus is an Italian and English is not its native language, but it is unacceptable when this bull comes with a price tag of $230,000

Imagine how frustrating it would be to six-digits on a “Lamborghini” and wind up getting something with Chinese-knockoff Quality? how does a “Lanborghini” sounds? Although it sounds like a silly typo, this is not expected after splurging close to $230,000. The owner of this Lamborghini Urus claims that his brand-new car is plagued with electronic word-botches. And, to top things off, everything got worse after a software update.

Lamborghini Urus Software Bug Gets Worse

2019 Lamborghini Urus Exterior Wallpaper quality
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According to Carbuzz, the local Lamborghini dealer took the car in to sort out the minor issue, which should have been a straight-forward software upgrade. But, after the update, things got worse and multiple problems arose - a pop-up started to appear while using Siri over Bluetooth, and the SUV’s Apple CarPlay interface stopped working over a Wi-Fi connection.

Also, the rear hatch no longer opens when activated with the foot sensor, the rear courtesy light stopped working, and the heater icon on the steering wheel has been replaced with a cooling icon.

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This 2019 'Lanborghini' Urus Needs A Dictionary
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As you can see in the images, the text on the infotainment screen also reads "connect ’yout’ iPhone," instead of "connect ’your’ iPhone." According to the owner, none of these issues existed in his SUV prior to the update. What’s worse is that the original issues are still not resolved.

The infotainment system still reads "Lanborghini" instead of Lamborghini. These things are not expected from a premium brand and its flagship SUV.

To save grace from this embarrassing situation, the dealership offered to replace the SUV with a brand-new Urus as it was unable to solve the coding issues, but the owner refused. So, now the dealer has told the owner that the issues could be resolved in a couple of months.

Carbuzz suggests that this is not pertinent to this particular copy of the Urus. There might be many more Urus SUVs on the road, all with unsolved software bugs in their systems. Will we see a recall soon? Share your thoughts on this issue in the comments section below; but without typos, please!

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2019 Lamborghini Urus Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 777082

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Source: Carbuzz

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