• This 2021 Ford Bronco With Wood Trim is Oddly Mesmerizing

Here’s to hoping that see something like this in the real world soon

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The return of the Ford Bronco isn’t your typical automotive comeback. The SUV isn’t just making a comeback as a nameplate; it’s become its own sub-brand under Ford. More to that, the Bronco has captured the attention of the SUV world in ways few of its kind have been able to do in the past. That’s especially true when you look at all the renderings that have come out, specifically those of the “Woody” variety. Woody Broncos are all over Instagram, including this piece of work from artist Timothy Adry Emmanuel, who goes by the IG handle “adry53customs.” Emmanuel has an impressive catalog of car renderings on his Instagram page, ranging from Volkswagens to RAM pickup trucks. But his work on the Bronco is something else, at least if you’re a fan of the “woodie” car style that was all the rage in the previous century. We don’t see woodie’s these days anymore, but Emmanuel’s rendering is a perfect call back, not only to the Bronco but to the woodie car style as well. Put those two elements together, and the result is nothing short of impressive.

What’s a woodie car?

A woodie is a type of vehicle that featured rear bodywork made out of wood, or at least styled to make it look like wood.

The design came into prominence in the 1930s and lasted all the way to the 1990s. The woodie design first appeared in station wagons, though, over time, automakers also began using it on SUVs. The 1935 Ford Prefect, 1950 Buck Roadmaster, 1974 Chevrolet Vega Estate, and 1993 Jeep Grand Wagoneer are a few of the more prominent examples of woodie vehicles.

How does the woodie design look on the new Ford Bronco?

This 2021 Ford Bronco With Wood Trim is Oddly Mesmerizing
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In many ways, it’s a match made in heaven. The new Ford Bronco traces its roots to the line of Bronco SUVs that Ford sold over a period of five generations from 1965 to 1996. You’ll notice that the Bronco’s initial run in the market coincided with the woodie design phase. Ford didn’t build and sell woodie Broncos straight from the factory, but the SUV was an ideal choice to get the treatment. Owners couldn’t get it from Ford so they resorted to the aftermarket world to get their woodie fix. There were a lot of woodie Broncos back in those days, some more ostentatious than others. But the look appealed to a lot of Bronco owners, and that’s a big reason a lot of people are clamoring for Ford to give the all-new Bronco the woodie treatment.

This 2021 Ford Bronco With Wood Trim is Oddly Mesmerizing
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Even if that doesn’t happen, this rendering created by artist Timothy Adry Emmanuel gives us a good idea of what we can expect from a new-age woodie Bronco. Visually, there’s something oddly mesmerizing about Emmanuel’s woodie Bronco. It’s based on the two-door Bronco model and you can see the two-tone wood treatment that Emmanuel added on the doors, rear fenders, and pillars of the Bronco. The wooden canoe mounted on the Bronco’s roof rack emphasizes the woodie look of the SUV.

Emmanuel also smartly resisted the urge of adding more wood panels on the Bronco. A lot more of it would’ve looked completely unnatural and unbecoming of the woodie design. The artist also added a little sophistication to his work by including circular LED running lights in the front and using the Bronco’s Sasquatch package that includes a set of 35-inch tires that are wrapped around beadlock wheels.

Would you buy a woodie Ford Bronco?

This 2021 Ford Bronco With Wood Trim is Oddly Mesmerizing
- image 929668

I’m not going to lie. The thought of driving a woodie Ford Bronco appeals to me. I can already imagine the type of stares I’d be getting from people who either get bouts of nostalgia from seeing a woodie car after it supposedly went out of style or people who have no idea what those wood panels are doing on the door of my Bronco. From that perspective, driving and owning a woodie Bronco sounds like a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, that’s where it ends for me. As intriguing as it is to own a woodie Bronco — and as impressive as Emmanuel’s rendering of one is — I don’t find much use for it, especially with the new Bronco. It looks good, sure, but from a functional perspective, it’s hard to imagine that wood can stand up to the off-road in the event someone takes it there. At best, the wood stands up but gets all sorts of cracks and chips. At worst, it falls off completely. Either scenario doesn’t work for me, so as much as I like the look of it, I’d probably steer clear of opting for that look in the event Ford offers a woodie package for the Bronco.

Wait, Ford’s going to offer a woodie package?

This 2021 Ford Bronco With Wood Trim is Oddly Mesmerizing
- image 929665

Don’t get ahead of yourselves; I only used that as an example in the event that the Blue Oval actually does it. Ford hasn’t mentioned a woodie package for the Bronco, though we do know that the automaker is prepping all sorts of modifications, options, accessories, and packages for its latest pride and joy. With all these plans on the table, don’t be surprised if a woodie package ends up being one of them.

We won’t know for sure until next year since the 2021 Bronco isn’t scheduled to hit the streets until then. For now, we at least have Emmanuel’s rendering to keep us company, and, hopefully, help us decide if the woodie treatment does look good on the all-new Bronco.

Source: Adry53customs via Instagram

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