Taking A Cool Chiron And Transforming It Into A Desert Roaming Beast

The Bugatti Chiron 4x4 SUV thing is live. Well, at least in Rain Prisk’s mind. That guy, with his imagination going wild, created a fantastic rendering of the Bugatti Chiron with massive off-road tires, body claddings, underbody protection, and a roof rack.

If you are some kind of a sadist, you might do this to the Bugatti Chiron, and you may even enjoy the process. Of course, this would be possible only in a Mad Max movie. That is only on the big screen though.

The 4x4 Bugatti Chiron SUV With a W-16

Bugatti Chiron 4x4

Posted by Rain Prisk on Sunday, October 14, 2018

This sounds quite incredible, doesn’t it? The Bugatti Chiron 4x4 rendering Rain Prisk imagined has a lot of the gear that doomsday preppers would want to add. But my imagination just went berserk when I figured out that this thing would have freaking 1479 horsepower. That is 279 horsepower more than Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk by Hennessey which just flashed to 60 mph in 2.3 seconds. This mad Rain Prisk’s brainchild could do the same. For sure.

While it does have enough power reserves, Rain Prisk’s Bugatti Chiron takes a whole new approach towards off-roading.

I mean, it is a freaking Chiron with long suspension travel, underbody protection like on a freaking Land Rover, and a winch at the front.

The Only Feature That Is Possible Is A Roof Rack On The Bugatti Chiron

I can only imagine if something like this were to happen, that the builders would have to cut large pieces of the Chiron body in order to integrate massive tires. I am not exactly sure where they’d integrate the suspension as the Bugatti Chiron fenders and under the bonnet are as snug as a bug in a rug. It is packed without much room to work with. The only real feasibility is actually the integration of the roof rack. The one on the Rain Prisk’s rendering of the 4x4 Bugatti Chiron isn’t exactly Thule cool, but it does look like something one could put on a Chiron just as a joke.

That joke with 1,479 horsepower from its insane quad turbo W16 may be the fastest accelerating car with the roof rack in the world.

A standard Bugatti Chiron is able to do something like a 2 second run to 62 mph and reach a limited top speed of 261 mph. Some Bugatti officials reckoned it will do 280 mph. Only if they could find suitable tires for such a feat.

Rain Prisk obviously chose an awesome car to base his machine on.


Rain Prisk, let me tell you, you are a wonder maker. Please continue with such extreme transformations and making something insane out of something that is already cool. Here are some ideas - make a Mad Max transformation of the Rimac Concept_One. Or, a Batmobile of the new Kia Stinger. Heck, transform the Ferrari 488 Pista into an amphibia or something like that. Make the new Z4 a freaking submarine, as Rinspeed did with the sQuba Concept.

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