• This Alpina Green BMW M1 Procar Looks Absolutely Fabulous

Rare color meets rare sports car in the digital worl

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The mid-engined BMW M1 has had a tumultuous career but it remains one of BMW’s most recognizable cars to date. Throw in some of that awesome-looking Alpina Green metallic paint and a custom body kit and you’re in for an automotive delight.

There’s one drawback, though, to all this. This car doesn’t exist in the real world as it came out on the world wide web from the creative mind of Khyzyl Saleem. But who’s to say a crafty tuner with a lot of courage won’t turn in into a kit some day?

A nice way to remember the BMW M1 Procar

This Alpina Green BMW M1 Procar Looks Absolutely Fabulous
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Wedge-shaped body concocted by Giorgio Giugiaro, looking otherworldly to this day. Race-spec rear wing, flared wheel arches, and a redesigned front splitter. Inline-six engine cranking out 470 horsepower and the ability to go as fast as 310 kph (193 mph). Raced by the likes of Nikki Lauda and Nelson Piquet. The option to turbocharge the engine under Group 5 regulations for outputs of 850 to 1,000 horsepower. This, ladies and gents of the car world, was in brief the late 70s, early 80s madness we know as the BMW M1 Procar.

Now, you might remember the crazy road-legal BMW M1 Procar built by Canepa Motorsports. If you don’t, then check out this neat feature from our colleagues at Petrolicious.

This Alpina Green BMW M1 Procar Looks Absolutely Fabulous
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What we’re trying to say is that The Kyza’s renders offer a similar glimpse into a would-be M1 Procar-inspired restomod transformed into a daily driver, perhaps motivated by an all-electric powertrain.

Needless to say, as it’s the case with each and every Khyzyl-signed creation, we love the new body kit and the tweaked M1-specific wheels, as well as the Alpina Green tint.

This Alpina Green BMW M1 Procar Looks Absolutely Fabulous
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Speaking of which, Alpina nuts know that you’re not going to see another road car painted in that particular shade, because it’s an Alpina-exclusive color, just like the Alpina Blue metallic.

What’s more, Khyzyl’s render loses the rear wing entirely as it’s obviously imagined for daily use and as a complementing piece for the artist’s dream exotic house. In that case, we’d like to know if Khyzyl is willing to rent any rooms and for what price.

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