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Christmas is almost here, and automakers are rolling out holiday-themed commercials for the public. Although the main motive is to market the brand and the cars (obviously!), there are a few commercials which we remember for much longer. One such commercial, which is one of my all-time favorites, is this one by Audi for Christmas 2017 that features the RS3 and the RS7.

Talk About Their Egos!

In this 2017 video, an Audi RS3 and an RS7 are seen entering the parking lot of a mall. Just as they take their receipts, the monitor shows just one available parking slot and both the Audis rush to occupy it. As it must be, the RS7 gets the lead initially and gets behind a vehicle that looks like it is about to vacate, but does not, while the RS3 goes around looking for a space. This banter goes on for a while before both of them lose their minds and fly their cars from the roof to the next building. It doesn’t end here as both of them cross each other even in the mall and run to get the last soft toy kept on the shelf.

This Commercial Stands Out

This Audi Christmas Ad Is The Best Thing You'll Watch This Holiday Season
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Now, what makes this ad interesting is how it progresses. It begins in a very peaceful manner, with the drivers greeting each other while taking their parking receipts. As soon as the monitor shows that there is just one parking slot available, ‘Carol of the Bells’ starts playing in the background. The song picks up pace as the fight to find the space also intensifies. Both the actors do an incredible job as well. We see both the cars showing their true potential, drifting around the lot. In one particular scene, an old man is seen fumbling around, trying to find his car using his remote control. What’s funny is the old man’s ride is a Mercedes-Benz C Class! Need some Aloe-vera, Merc? You just got burnt! Also, kids singing the carol in a choir adds element to the whole scene.

This commercial is one to remember for a long time. Creative, funny, and holiday-themed!

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