• This Audi RS6 GTO Is the Car We All Deserve But Can’t Have

That’s what happens when trainees are allowed to run wild in a design studio

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There’s something innate at Volkswagen Group about allowing trainees to develop their own ideas in terms of what a car should look like.

Just look at what Volkswagen has been doing in the past years at Wörthersee, where a wacky Golf is unveiled with clockwork precision every year, and it’s entirely imagined and designed by the brand’s apprentices. And Audi just copied the recipe.

Apparently, Audi has been playing the same let’s-see-what-the-trainess-can-do card with the so-called RS6 GTO. Only this concept works two-fold.

Besides letting tomorrow’s designers get a grip with the craft, it also acts as a nod back to the Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO, a 720-horsepower, AWD racing monster dressed in carbon-composite body panels carved in the wind tunnel for top-shelf aero behavior on the track.

In fact, the 90 was so good that IMSA regulations only let it race for one season – that’s how dominant it was in front of the competition.

This Audi RS6 GTO Is the Car We All Deserve But Can't Have Exterior
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Coming back to the RS6 GTO, it’s futile to mention that it looks amazing. Unfortunately, we’re not sure the car actually exists in the metal (or carbon fiber), because the attached pictures look a lot like renderings. Or maybe the car exists and Audi is just waiting for the right time to properly show it to the world.

In any case, it’s nice to see race legends being remembered like this. Such a classy concept is doing the Audi 90 IMSA GTO a lot of justice, even if it didn’t get the race time it deserved to stretch its 20-valve 2.2-liter five-liter engine force-induced up to eleven by a KKK turbo.

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