• This Beat-Up Lada Has Rear Legs, ’Walks’ Around Like It’s Nothing

Welcome to Mother Russia!

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Car tuners in America are often geared towards power, power, and more power. Car tuners in Europe, on the other hand, are more sophisticated in their approach, preferring to cover all the bases required of a proper tuning setup.

Then there are car tuners in Russia, a lot of whom aren’t bashful about veering into the crazy side of car tuning. Russian tuner Garage 54 is probably best known for this approach, and when it collaborates with car-crazy Russian YouTube channel Workroom Siberia, you get projects like the Lada Walker, a beat-up Lada that’s been custom-tuned to walk. Yes, walk. Welcome to Mother Russia, folks.

I don’t even know how to begin answering that question so I’ll skip it for the important bits. The Lada Walker is a joint project between Garage 54 and Workroom Siberia, two aftermarket companies that also happen to have two popular YouTube channels in Russia. The latter, in particular, is known for building crazy projects, including its interpretation of a Formula One race car with seats that look like an oversized cheese grater, and a skeletal dune buggy that’s apparently commissioned by one customer. But we’re not here to talk about these projects. We’re here to talk about the Lada Walker.

This Beat-Up Lada Has Rear Legs, 'Walks' Around Like It's Nothing
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The Garage 54 team provided the vehicle, which apparently still runs well despite some smoke coming from its exhaust. In any case, the project entailed removing the two rear wheels from the Lada and replacing them with a pair of steel walkers that had already undergone hours upon hours of testing to failed results. Changes were eventually made to the walker’s design and, for reasons that still remain unclear to our sensibilities, the folks over at Workroom Siberia managed to bring the project to life.

The mechanical legs were tied together on both sides with pipes that ran underneath the car. To accommodate the weight of the mechanical legs, the tuners also added a custom subframe in the rear section of the car while also adding reinforcements throughout the body.
This Beat-Up Lada Has Rear Legs, 'Walks' Around Like It's Nothing
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The result is what you’d expect. The Lada Walker looks absolutely ridiculous with the two rear mechanical legs. But, to be fair, the thing actually works. The individual legs that are attached to a piece of the pipe are welded to the outside edge of each wheel. This, in turn, makes the wheels function like individual cranks, turning the offset pipe, which then causes the leg assembly to move. Look beyond the ridiculousness of the creation and you’ll realize that there’s actually some genius behind all this madness. The legs actually look like legs that are moving, and they do make the car move.

This Beat-Up Lada Has Rear Legs, 'Walks' Around Like It's Nothing
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It’s a sight for sore eyes, really, and if you’re thinking about using this car to run your errands, you probably won’t make it back in time for lunch…two days later.

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