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This Black-On-Black Lancia Delta Is All CGI But It Deserves To Live

This Lancia Delta Restomod is the CGI Embodiment of our cries for a modern-day Delta HF Integrale

To rally enthusiasts, the Lancia Delta HF Integrale is a legendary vehicle that doesn’t need an introduction. To this day, the Italian hot hatch remains the car that has won the most World Rally Championships (WRC) in a row – six. Although in 2018, Automobili Amos came up with a modernized version of the Delta. It wasn’t the attainable hot-hatch we still crave. However, this doesn’t stop pixel artists from coming up with their own version of the icon and Matteo Gentile (aka mattegentile) has come up with something that would easily fit the bill in our time.

This Black-On-Black Lancia Delta Is All CGI But It Deserves To Live
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This Matteo Gentile-designed Delta Integrale stays true to the original
Matteo’s work is comparable to Singer’s, but for the Lancia Delta, instead of the Porsche 911

Matteo has come up with two versions of the reimagined Delta. The first one is murdered out, finished in black, with contrasting wheels, while the other has received a Verde Prato (Green grass) paint job to go with the multi-spoke bronze wheels.

The wide-body Lancia Delta resto-mod looks menacing and to our (pleasant) surprise features a three-door body style, instead of five. This is something we probably won’t be seeing much longer on modern hot hatchbacks, as “there isn’t enough interest”. I begged to differ.

This Black-On-Black Lancia Delta Is All CGI But It Deserves To Live
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Matteo’s renderings are the embodiment of what Lancia should have been
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Regardless, of whether the three-door hatchback will stay or disappear, the Lancia stays true to its roots. Matteo has retained the overall boxiness, but has smoothened out the body, to make it look like a retro-futuristic hot hatchback that has been made today. The short overhangs are further accentuated by the wide fenders, which are both aggressive and easy on the eye – a difficult feat to pull off.

Unlike other pixel artists, Matteo hasn’t come up with performance figures for his Lancia Delta resto-mod, but we are certain that with such a striking design, it would have at least 300 horsepower from a turbocharged inline-four, all-wheel drive, and a six-speed manual.
This Black-On-Black Lancia Delta Is All CGI But It Deserves To Live
- image 1019069
It’s what an HF Integrale would have looked like if it was made today
Wide-body kit over the slightly rounded original design

We can only hope that Lancia (or Stellantis) hears our desperate cries for a proper, rally-inspired, Italian hot hatchback. And, please, stop making the Ypsilon already.

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