In case you didn’t know, restoring diecast cars is a thing

It’s quite often that we hear about a restoration project that unearths the lost soul of a sports car or a very, very rare automobile. Heck, some people even add their own wacky twist when restoring a car, but what happens when you stumble upon an old, rusted, dirt-covered diecast car?

The answer is pretty straightforward: you bring it back to its former glory through a process that, for some reason, is highly satisfying to watch.

We could fall asleep while watching this video

Not because it’s boring, duh!

Believe it or not, restoring diecast cars is more common than you might think.

Plus, the past few months were likely to boost up this practice – or should we say form or art – due to the stay-home restrictions imposed pretty much all over the world.

It could very well be the case of this video, since it’s dated April 6, 2020. Still, let’s not divert from the topic at hand and focus on the essential – which is how a BMW M3 diecast race car was brought back to life.


All the work you’ll see condensed into eight minutes of moving images took, in fact, three days. In case you had any doubts, cleaning and preparing a diecast car for painting requires a lot of handy work, including disassembling the whole thing and even polishing every square inch of the metal chassis.

Then the said spray-painting process has to be carried out, along with the replacement any damaged components. Basically, the whole task is a marathon, not a sprint. You need both patience and a hefty dose of craftiness.


It’s all well worth the effort, though, once the job is finally done and the diecast car is ready to brighten your desk once again. Plus, looking at the amount of tutorial videos available on YouTube, you’ll be able to master this noble craft in no time.

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