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This BMW Z8 With 16,000 Miles Sold For Over $220,000!

The BMW Z8 is a stunning retro-inspired roadster and an appreciating classic. This 2001 example just fetched over $220,000

In case you are tired of seeing listings of expensive, low-mileage Japanese sports cars from the early 2000s, allow us to share with you about an expensive European sports car from the early 2000s. The BMW Z8 is one of the most unique-looking cars to come out of the Bavarian brand. With 2,543 units made, it’s not exactly a common sight on the road. Nowadays, the BMW Z8 is a desired collector’s car, which is why a 2001 model recently exchanged hands for $220,900.

This BMW Z8 With 16,000 Miles Sold For Over $220,000!
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The car was listed at not long ago, for the aforementioned price. The retro-inspired convertible was finished in Titanium Silver Metallic and featured a black interior. Prior to being sold, the Z8 was located in Farmingdale, New York, and had just 15,998 miles (25 746 km) on the odometer. TO put things in perspective, back in 2001 a brand new BMW Z8 cost $128,000, which is $200,960 in 2022 money.

This BMW Z8 With 16,000 Miles Sold For Over $220,000!
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This was originally a Florida car, which around 2005 made it to New York where it was purchased by its, now, previous owner from Bentley, Long Island. At the time, the odometer showed 4,200 miles (6,759 km). As befits a collectible car, the Z8 goes with a meticulous service record.

What makes the BMW Z8 a desirable car?

This BMW Z8 With 16,000 Miles Sold For Over $220,000!
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Rarity is, obviously, an important aspect of a collector’s car. With just 2,543 units made, the Z8 easily qualifies as a rare car. Heritage is another thing the BMW Z8 does not lack, as its retro-futuristic design harkens back to 1956 BMW 507, designed by Count Albrecht von Goertz, effectively, making it its spiritual successor. Also, Elvis had a BMW 507, so bonus points for that.

This BMW Z8 With 16,000 Miles Sold For Over $220,000!
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Drivability is also important and the BMW Z8 combines its beautiful aluminum body with one of the best European V-8 engines, ever made. Under the hood resides the 4.9-liter S62 V-8 from the BMW M5 E39, which makes 400 horsepower and 369 pound-feet (500 Nm). Moreover, the engine is paired to a six-speed manual that sends power to the rear wheels, resulting in a 4.5-second sprint to 60 mph (97 km/h).

Final thoughts

This BMW Z8 With 16,000 Miles Sold For Over $220,000!
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The BMW Z8 is one of the most beautiful, retro-inspired vehicles ever made, and certainly one of the most unique-looking production BMW cars. The price of over $220,000 may be steep, but when you think the BMW Z4-based SVE Oletha, which is a sportier, hardtop interpretation of the Z8, starts at $450,000, the Z8 is starting to make sense.


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