• This Car Customization Shop Can Make Your Toyota MR2 Look Like a Porsche Carrera GT, Lamborghini Veneno, or McLaren P1

Along with a bunch of other tuning services

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Remember the fake Ferraris that spread on the internet some years ago? Well, we’ve got something better. Fake McLarens, fake Lamborghinis, and pretty much all the fake supercars you can think of coming from a custom car shop in Thailand.

It was only last year that the Civic Police of Santa Catarina in Brazil dismantled a bogus workshop that built replica Ferraris and Lamborghinis that wore the two brand’s official badges. Thailand’s PS Modify, however, does’t work that way, as it sticks its own badge to the supercar-inspired body kits it churns out.

Who is PS Modify? Never heard of them…

Well, join the club. We had no idea that PS Modify existed, but it looks like they’re pretty successful since people who can’t afford supercars would spent the little money they have for an opportunity to drive around in, well, fake cars.

Like it goes for any car project out there, you need a base model to channel your vision onto. In PS Modify’s case, that base model of choice is the Toyota MR2, according to CB Media, who visited the Chon Buri-based shop and had a good look at its operations.

This Car Customization Shop Can Make Your Toyota MR2 Look Like a Porsche Carrera GT, Lamborghini Veneno, or McLaren P1
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The MR2 is the often-overlooked member of Toyota’s sports car lineup of the ‘90s, although its transverse mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout is everything a petrolhead can ask for. That’s why the MR2 is such a versatile base for supercar replicas: speed demons like the P1, Carrera GT, or Lambo Veneno are fitted with mid-mounted engines, so replicating their body kits makes more sense on a similar platform.

There’s more: PS Modify will pimp your ride, too

Intrigued by what’s happening inside PS Modify’s workshop, we’ve dug deeper and found their Facebook page. As it turns out, PS Modify will also tune your car to insane levels of flashiness. In fact, these guys could be Thailand’s cheap version of Mansory, given the audacity of some mods they manufacture. Heck, they’ll even fit scissor doors to your car. Just take a look below.

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