• This Chevy C-10 Mixes Dark Apocalyptic Looks With Extreme Aerodynamics

Designed as a pre-runner, this crazy Chevy C-10 mashup wouldn’t last 30 seconds on an off-road track

The Chevy C10, know in its senior years, has become the basis for a number of crazy custom projects from low-riders to extreme off-roaders. The thing is, though, that most of the examples of modified C10s in real life all the same outside of different paintjobs. This rendering, however, depicts something that goes beyond show car status.

A Slammed Chevy C-10 With Attitude

The Chevy C-10 pickup dates back to the early 1960s when Chevy introduced the C/K lineup of pickup trucks. It was offered in a number of forms over the years include as an “Apache”, a dumptruck, and probably the most desirable of the bunch, the Stepside. While the model in this rendering doesn’t appear to be a Stepside, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was thanks to those overly extreme rear wheel arches that are apparently necessary for the extra wide tires. As you can see, this digital render enjoys the freedom of customization without the need to stick to reality, but that’s what’s so beautiful about it.

This Chevy C-10 Mixes Dark Apocalyptic Looks With Extreme Aerodynamics
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According to the artist on Instagram “Altered Intent,” this render is meant to be a Group 5 racing \ Pre-Runner mashup. The former is why this render sports that outrageous front splitter and the voluptuous extra wide wheel arches. Group 5 was introduced by the FIA back in the 60s for cars to have more liberal modding compared to the typical group 1 and group 2 racecars – essentially giving race car designers and race teams a little more freedom. They never saw anything this extreme, though.

This Chevy C-10 Mixes Dark Apocalyptic Looks With Extreme Aerodynamics
- image 987036

As for Pre-running, this has to do with off-road racing. I know, weird mashup, right? Basically a pre-runner is a vehicle off-road racers use to tackle a track before an official event. It allowed them to collect data, learn the quirks of the track, and plan a strategy. Basically, the idea is that the off-road racers weren’t going into the track blind, so to speak. Of course, the pre-runner \ off-road concept in this render is pretty much killed off by the extra-low ride height and racing slicks, but it’s a cool idea nonetheless. If nothing else, maybe you can use this concept as some inspiration for your next big build – what do you think?

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