• This Classic Shelby GT350 Is Loud and Fast - You Have to See It

The 1966 Shelby GT350 is probably the coolest no-nonsense Mustang ever built

The Shelby GT350 is the most iconic nameplate derived from the Ford Mustang. It was born in 1965 from Carroll Shelby’s ambition to turn the Mustang into a race car, and it returned in the modern era with the fifth- and sixth-generation models. But the original GT350 remains the coolest incarnation of the nameplate, and a new video from AutotopiaLA will show you why.

Originally dubbed "Cobras" after the Ford-powered AC-based sports cars produced by Shelby American, the GT350 surfaced in 1965, only one year after Ford introduced the Mustang.

The GT350 was developed as a no-nonsense, lightweight version of the Mustang for track enthusiasts, lacking rear seats and many convenience features. Ford also built 34 GT350R cars that were raced in SCCA. Production continued in 1966, but Shelby opted to make the cars a bit more comfortable, so it added rear seats and an optional automatic transmission. As the Mustang grew bigger and heavier toward the late 1960s, so did the GT350.

This Classic Shelby GT350 Is Loud and Fast - You Have to See It
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Because of this, the 1965 and 1966 model year Shelby GT350s are considered the most authentic and highly sought-after by collectors. Cars like the 1966-model-year example in the video below are among the most valuable GT350s, and some units can go under the hammer for more than $1 million (depending on the condition of course). The race-spec GT350R models are usually even more valuable than that.

That's mostly because they are very rare, with only 34 built, but racing heritage also adds to the value.

Just a few days ago, a GT350R driven by Ken Miles sold for a record $3.85 million.

This Classic Shelby GT350 Is Loud and Fast - You Have to See It
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If you’re into classic Mustangs, you definitely need to watch this GT350 in action. And make sure you crank up the volume because the 306-horsepower, 4.7-liter V-8 engine sounds killer!

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