Is the Corvette C8 too dull for you? Dany Bahar will fix it and throw in a more powerful V-8

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Chevrolet finally took the mid-engined road with the Corvette for the eighth-generation, but the American two-door is not exactly a supercar. Upcoming versions might take the nameplate there in terms of performance, but the Corvette C8 looks a bit dull in the current configuration. If you’re happy with the platform and the naturally aspirated V-8, but you want a more exotic design, the folks over at ARES Design, a company founded by Dany Bahar, are here to help.

The hottest Corvette C8 is not designed by Chevrolet

This Company Will Turn Your Chevrolet Corvette C8 Into A Hot Supercar (Or Speedster) Exterior
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ARES Design promises to deliver a complete makeover of the Corvette C8. As you can see in the photos below, which are just renderings for the time being, ARES Design plans to do some serious coachbuilding for the mid-engined Corvette. These virtual renderings look nothing like the C8. They’re much hotter and preview the availability of two body styles: a coupe and a speedster.

ARES' redesign is obviously race-inspired. The front end boasts a massive splitter at the bottom, while the wheel arches feature big louvers on top.

The headlamps have been redesigned as well. The coupe’s layout is very similar to that of a Le Mans prototype. The canopy-style cabin blends in with the deck lid toward the rear, while the rear fascia is almost as flat as the nose. The rear fenders also feature louvered top sections, which is a bit unusual.

This Company Will Turn Your Chevrolet Corvette C8 Into A Hot Supercar (Or Speedster) Exterior
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The speedster version retains similar elements front and rear, but the roof is gone. There’s no traditional windshield in front of the dashboard, just two small windows in front of the driver and passenger sections. A pair of flying buttresses complete the speedster look, while the deck lid appears to sport top-exiting exhaust pipes. Now this is a cool alternative to the limited and expensive McLaren Elva.

The entire body is made of carbon-fiber. Some elements will remain visible, but most of them will be painted, as seen in the renderings. But ARES Design will probably offer a visible carbon-fiber option for the entire body.

This Company Will Turn Your Chevrolet Corvette C8 Into A Hot Supercar (Or Speedster) Interior
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The interior retains the split design of the standard Corvette C8, but most details will be modified. The dashboard and the center stack look simple and clean, but they boasts carbon-fiber and leather panels, so it’s more about the premium look rather than a race-inspired layout.

The V-8 will remain NA, but will deliver 700 horsepower

This Company Will Turn Your Chevrolet Corvette C8 Into A Hot Supercar (Or Speedster) Exterior
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Dany Bahar’s company says that the rebodied Corvette C8 will retain the 6.2-liter V-8, but output will increase from the stock 495 horsepower to 705 horses in the coupe and 700 in the speedster model. Surprisingly enough, the V-8 will remain naturally aspirated despite the massive increase. There are no details as to how they’ll do it, but it should be doable.

This Company Will Turn Your Chevrolet Corvette C8 Into A Hot Supercar (Or Speedster) Exterior
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Following the upgrade, the modified Corvette will be able to hit 60 mph in 2.7 seconds, two tenths quicker than the stock Corvette’s official rating. The engine will also spin up to 9,000 rpm, some 2,500 rpm more than the stock Corvette C8.

Are S1 Project Spyder specifications
Engine 6.2-liter V-8
Horsepower 700 HP
Transmission eight-speed dual-clutch
0 to 60 mph 2.7 seconds
Units built 24
Price $1,000,000

The ARES Corvette C8 will be pretty expensive

This Company Will Turn Your Chevrolet Corvette C8 Into A Hot Supercar (Or Speedster) Exterior
- image 944674

ARES Design revealed that it plans to build 24 coupes and 24 speedsters over the next two years. Each will be priced from $500,000. That’s a massive increase from the stock Corvette’s $59,995 sticker, but its still below most limited-edition supercars, which usually fetch in excess of $1 million nowadays.

But it remains to be seen if ARES Design will deliver this rebodied Corvette. It’s just a rendering for now and engine specs sound a bit wild, so it’s safe to remain skeptical until we see an actual car rolling on a public road.

Who is Dany Bahar?

Posted by Dany Bahar on Friday, June 12, 2020

ARES Design was founded in 2014 by Dany Bahar, a Turkish-born Swiss business man who has been involved in motorsport and automotive industries for a few years. Bahar started his career with Coni Altherr, a Swiss inline skating company, and in 2003 landed a job as chief operating officer at Red Bull Racing. He also oversaw Red Bull’s purchased of soccer clubs in Austria, the U.S., and Ghana.

In 2007, Bahar moved to Ferrari, where he headed the company’s new global brand department, expanding the number of Maranello’s retail stores. In 2009, Bahar became CEO of Group Lotus, launching a five-year plan for new models and the brand’s expansion in emerging markets. He was dismissed by the British company in 2012 over allegations that he was misusing company funds for extravagant expenses. The case was settled out of court in 2014.

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