This could be the Ford Mustang EcoBoost

This could be the Ford Mustang EcoBoost Exterior
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Ford has spent years staying ahead of the game. With the Mustang, they have been able to linger out in front of Chevrolet and Dodge with new technological and mechanical innovations. For 2011, Ford’s new models will continue in this tradition.

The new V6 in the Ford was far better than the six-cylinder motors in the Camaro and the Challenger, and the new 5.0-liter V8 was just about on par with them too. Yet, Ford has refused to rest on what they’ve already done. The automaker has been busy revolutionizing the muscle car scene with one new motor that has garnered worldwide praise.

Ford has stated that the EcoBoost motor would find its way into mostly everything the company makes, and that might include the Mustang. Recently, Inside Line has seen a Mustang that we believe is the turbocharged version we’ve all been waiting for. So let’s take a look at it.

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Exterior and Interior Thoughts

Not much has changed on this Mustang from the exterior, as this is still the classic pony car. For 2011, the Mustang received some new updates over the 2010 model, including a lighter grille and a new lower spoiler and air dam up front. The EcoBoost Mustang took these changes and threw them out. The grille appears to be more silver than black and the air dam in the front has been enlarged. It certainly looks more aggressive in this form.

The rear of the car hasn’t changed at all, as it still features the normal taillights setup with the dual exhausts. It even still says GT. Most of the exterior changes are minimal, as Ford didn’t want to upset the brilliant design they had crafted.

The interior of the Mustang EcoBoost hasn’t been caught on camera yet, but we did notice the white sticker above the speedometer that read, “premium fuel only”. This is part of the reason why we believe there is a twin-turbocharged motor under that sculpted hood.

Overall, the interior still carries over the straightforward look from the old days and there is nothing at all wrong with that.

This could be the Ford Mustang EcoBoost
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Under The Hood

Here is where things get interesting, as this Mustang might feature a whole new engine. We believe that the vehicle that was caught testing featured a 3.5-liter V6, but we have no idea what kind of power it puts out.

The Ford F-150 uses the same motor and it puts out 365 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque. We think that the Mustang’s version has a bit more power than that, probably around 400 horses.

Yet, some feel that this new motor could be a four-cylinder option and that would be fine by us. It could offer the same amount of power as the V6 with better mileage. Remember, back in the day there was a four-pot in a Mustang and it was pretty darn good.

Still, there are those who feel that this vehicle is the new GT500 or the next SVT version. We can’t be certain at this point what sort of motor is under the hood of this new version. There are benefits of the four-cylinder and there benefits to the six-cylinder, but either way, we want to see some more photos of it very soon.

The Competition

Well, considering we don’t know that we’re looking at, it’s hard to point out what it will compete against. The V6 Mustang already beats the Camaro and the Challenger, so we don’t doubt that an EcoBoost V6 will dominate them as well. Even a four-cylinder twin-turbocharged version might beat those two by a landslide.

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  (247) posted on 11.2.2010

A stock Dodge SRT-4 (2004 and 2005) puts down about 230hp at the wheels. That’s quite a bit more than this article claims assuming that they’re quoting crank power

  (377) posted on 11.1.2010

yeah no doubt about that.. Mustang is one of the most loved car.

  (2) posted on 11.1.2010

Yes, the exterior and engines are great!

But there is something wrong with the interior. The retro look in the interior needs to be changed!

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