You’re eyes aren’t deceiving you; that’s a real Acura NSX under that wrap

Car wraps come in many different colors and sizes. Some are subtle in their creativity, while others border on being overbearing. Then there’s this wrap created by artist Joshua Vides. The man is known for making sneakers look like black-and-white sketches, but now, Vides is setting his sights on more ambitious projects. Case in point: this first-generation Acura NSX that was given a similar treatment. From afar, you’d think it’s actually just a sketch. But it’s the real thing. That’s an actual NSX hiding under that wrap.

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I was fooled. The first time I saw this Acura NSX, I thought it was a sketch. Nothing more. But as I looked at it closer, it became clear that the car I thought as a sketch was actually a real car. Let it be said that Joshua Vides did an incredible job in dressing up the NSX to make it look like it literally came out of a sketch pad. It’s not just the NSX, either. He also threw in matching cones and checkered flags to complete the look.

The process on how Vides was able to design the wrap speaks to how he has owned this particular corner of the art design game. The white wraps are standard, but the black lines are actually painted by hand, helping to create the illusion that the 1995 sports coupé is a sketch drawing. See those two lines on the windshield and windows? That’s classic sketch technique to show some depth on a drawing.

I grew up in Rialto , CA. Unless it was a movie or commercial , I wouldn't see lambos or Ferrari's driving around so they weren't real to me . The Acura NSX was my ( and probably your ) dream supercar that I'd see every now and then passing through the city . I couldn't have chosen a better whip to put my touch on . Thank you @chris_theleverage for lending the wheels and working on this project with me . Little Josh eating hot Cheetos in Rialto is screaming right now . Doors open in one hour . See you soon 🏎💨 ( wrap by : @sgpmotorgroup )

Unfortunately, the wrap itself was designed specifically for display purposes. That much is clear when you notice that the whole surface of the NSX is covered by wraps. That includes the windows, headlights, taillights, air intakes, and exhaust. About the only things keeping this work of art from being a complete masterpiece are the wheels. They’re actually real, standard-issue wheels. It would’ve been cooler if he somehow managed to recreate those to make them look like sketch drawings, but that’s not to shortchange his creation.

This is arguably one of the most creative ways to use a car wrap that we’ve seen in a while. Props to Joshua Vides for bringing it to life. It’s definitely worthy of its place in his LA exhibit.


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