• This Eclectic Collection Includes Everything From A ’92 NSX To A ’59 Park Lane: Video

Where do your passions lie?

Most car enthusiasts I’ve met over the years gravitate towards a specific make and model, or at least a certain car type – you know, like Japanese import tuner specials, tubbed-out

bound drag racers, old-school six-figure Prancing Horse GT’s… that kind of thing. Much more rare is the true “love it all” enthusiast, the sort of person who really does have a passion for all things four-wheeled. This video from Petrolicious highlights two such individuals, whose broad collection of automobiles includes everything from high-strung performance machines to titanic luxury cruisers.

Talk about a shift – but that’s about par for the course for the two enthusiasts featured in this seven-and-a-half-minute video. Based out of Palm Springs, California, Scott King and Sandy Edelstein enjoy a huge variety of cars, or as Mr. Edelstein puts it, “the full breadth of automotive cuisine.”

Just a few of the marques spotted include examples from Subaru, Honda, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Cadillac… the list goes on and on.

It’s great to see a collection that really explores all the different corners of the automotive world. The only question is – where to next?


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