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This Epic Render of a Modernized Mercedes 300 SL Will Become Reality

This super-modern take on the legendary Mercedes 300 SL will soon become a reality.

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It’s safe to say the Mercedes 300 SL is the epitome of a timeless swagger. Its unique styling is instantly recognizable by many and the car itself is as technologically advanced (for its time) as it is gorgeous to look at. The car originally came out in 1953 and, in roadster form, was produced until 1963. Although the 300 SLR inspired SLR Stirling Moss and the SLS AMG can be considered spiritual successors, an independent designer shows us what the 300 SL would look like nowadays. Moreover, the renderings we see here will be turned into reality.

This Epic Render of a Modernized Mercedes 300 SL Will Become Reality Exterior
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An independent designer and an LA-based studio will create a modern-day 300 SL

The renderings we have here show two versions of the car – a speedster and a coupe. Both versions draw inspiration from the 300 SLR and Uhlenhaut Coupe (300 SLR’s hardtop version). The speedster features a low windshield and dual rear hunches, while the coupe version’s roofline is heavily reminiscent of that of the original classic, despite some opinions that it’s been copy-pasted from a TVR Cerbera. You also get the obligatory side exhausts and additional headlights, just like on racecars of old.

The person esponsible for these renderings is Jon Sibal – a body kit, livery, and 3D concept automotive designer. For many, his name wouldn’t ring a bell. However, his take on the 300 SL, called the S-Klub Speedster (yes, that’s how you spell it), might change that, not only because we think it looks epic, but also because it will actually be built.

This Epic Render of a Modernized Mercedes 300 SL Will Become Reality Exterior
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The build will be performed by S-Klub Los Angles

The project is sanctioned by S-Klub Los Angeles, which will turn Jon Sibal’s renderings into reality.

Realizing a faithful and modern recreation of an iconic sports car is difficult and can be expensive, which is why developing a bespoke chassis from the ground up is out of the question.

Instead, the basis will come in the form of either a Mercedes SLC or an SLK, as these will be the easiest to convert.
This Epic Render of a Modernized Mercedes 300 SL Will Become Reality Exterior
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The basis for the build will be a Mercedes SLC or an SLK, as they are the easiest to convert

Before you start unloading on the S-Klub Speedster being "nothing more than a glorified conversion kit", remember that the new Lancia Stratos was based on the Ferrari F-430 chassis, so not all conversions are equal. Also, let’s not forget the Jaguar XK180 conversions, based on the XJ-S and XK, which is actually an improvement over the standard cars. The specifications of the build are still a mystery, but we expect to get more info as work progresses.

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