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This Evil, Red-Eyed BMW Could Be The 2023 M8 CSL

BMW is bringing back the CSL moniker, and it’s landing smack dab on the M8 flagship

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A while back we got footage of a BMW M8 test mule with a more aggressive design, which suggested that the CSL moniker is making a return. Now, we have new footage of the car, coming straight from Nürburgringyet again. The car has had a few changes since the last time we saw it, indicating that a production version is near completion.

The 2023 BMW M8 CSL - Is This It?

This Evil, Red-Eyed BMW Could Be The 2023 M8 CSL Exterior Spyshots
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As before, we see the slotted rear windows, which will let fresh air into the cabin. Because of that, there were speculations that BMW was working on a mid-engine car.

Although BMW’s recent trademark of the M9 badge name might hint at that, this prototype has nothing to do with a mid-engine supercar.

What stands out in the front end, is the grille, which has a new 3-D design and red accents. It also lacks a mesh, which is probably done for better cooling. This should hint at more power for the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V-8, which is expected to develop close to 700 horsepower and at least 553 pound-feet (750 Nm). The capable ZF eight-speed automatic is expected to get a new, more aggressive setting that’s better suited for track days.

This Evil, Red-Eyed BMW Could Be The 2023 M8 CSL Exterior Spyshots
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An epic celebration gift
With the M8 CSL, BMW celebrates 50 years of its M-division

Changes to the front end also include a redesigned front bumper with a more pronounced lip spoiler. Those red grille accents we mentioned have transitioned to the air outlets on the front fenders, the brake calipers, and the DRLs, which glow like demon eyes. Although more than a few people are expected to do it at some point, the red DRLs probably won’t make it on the production version.

Some renderings from BMWBlog show additional air extractors above the front wheel arches. However, the test car shown here doesn’t feature any. What we do get are new air outlets on the front hood, which is partially finished in what seems to be a matt-black finish or carbon fiber. The same goes for the roof of the M8 CSL.

As before, the test car shows side skirts finished in black. The same finish transitions to the sides of the new rear bumper, which has a new diffuser with a centrally-positioned taillight, like on a BMW M8 GTE racecar. The taillights are “smoked” and the trunk lid now has a tall, fixed rear wing.

This Evil, Red-Eyed BMW Could Be The 2023 M8 CSL Exterior Spyshots
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For now, we can only speculate on what the interior will be like, but the lightweight track-focused M8 CSL is expected to feature lightweight glass, rear seat delete (they’ll probably charge you extra to put it back in), carbon-fiber bucket seats, and other goodies.

The CSL is expected to shed some 220 pounds (100 kg), compared to the normal M8.

By all accounts, it looks like the car is nearly finished, so what we see here will be nearly identical to the production car. BMW will officially announce the M8 CSL later this year as part of its celebration of 50 years of the BMW M division.

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