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This Fan-Made Trailer Will Make You Itch For Need for Speed Underground 2 Remastered

This Russian-made Need for Speed Underground 2 Remastered trailer brings back fond memories.

When you hear Electronic Arts, you probably think of the publisher who wants to claim our cash by any means necessary. That said, despite their relentless crusade of finding new ways to empty our credit cards, the studio has given us some pretty epic stuff. Among their greatest creations is 2004’s Need for Speed Underground 2. The game had extensive customization and open-world gameplay, and quickly gathered an immense cult following (myself included). For years, we’ve been craving a remastered Underground 2, but EA wouldn’t give us one (because they won’t make much cash from it). Luckily, Odonata Cinema is giving us an epic trailer showing us how a remastered version would look like.

The trailer showcases everything that’s great about the Need for Speed Underground 2. We start at the Bayview Airport where it’s a rainy evening and the iconic “Riders on the Storm” is playing. Immediately, you can spot the much more realistic reflections and much more detailed textures. We hear the initial dialogue (in Russian) after which we are greeted by Rachel’s wide-body Nissan 350Z.

The sequence transitions to a spirited drive, in which the “Z” weaves through traffic on the long stretch where loyal fans used to do top speed runs.

The familiar V-6 soundtrack is complemented by blow-off noises, some of which are taken from the real world.

This Fan-Made Trailer Will Make You Itch For Need for Speed Underground 2 Remastered
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An epic finale
The cars line up and each goes their separate way, towards their respectable gaming locations

We then transition to the “Ring road” overlapping the main city. The 350Z is joined by two other legendary NFS cars – the “Most Wanted” BMW M3 GT R and the Nissan Skyline R34 GT R from the first NFS Underground. The trio is a wet dream for any die-hard Need for Speed fan. I know I would want to have at least one of these cars (GT R).

The trailer ends with the three cars lining up just like in the Underground 2 intro. Instead of racing, the cars go their separate ways, as the road sign points to “Olympic City” – NFS Underground’s location, “Bayview” – NFS Underground 2 location, and “Rockport City” – NFS Most Wanted’s location.

This Fan-Made Trailer Will Make You Itch For Need for Speed Underground 2 Remastered
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As Easter eggs go, this has to be among the most epic ones, besides the three cars, of course. Although Need for Speed Heat currently embodies many of the elements that make the franchise great, we still have that nostalgia towards Underground 2. EA probably won’t make a remastered version, so our hope lies in independent developers. What’s even sadder is that Electronic Arts make remasters, e.g. Mass Effect, and yet they are still neglecting the fan-base revolving around Underground 2.

If someone in EA is smart enough, they could use NFS Heat as a base for a limited-edition Underground 2 Remastered. Maybe throw in a couple of new cars while they’re at it. I guarantee people will buy it, myself included.

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