The 2022 Ferrari Purosangue SUV is supposed to debut this year, but for Ferrari’s sake we hope it won’t look like this

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In case you’re not up to date with news coming from Maranello, Ferrari hasn’t dropped plans to launch an SUV. At the same time, the Prancing Horse is rather tight lipped about its future Urus fighter, which has left enough leeway for pixel manipulators to roam freely on the fields of creativity. The results aren’t always eye-pleasing.

This Ferrari Purosangue Rendering Looks Like The Devil Spawn of The C8 Corvette and Nissan Juke
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It looks like Giorgi Tedoradze’s take on the upcoming Ferrari Purosangue SUV has everything, doesn’t it? And by everything we mean every imaginable design cue. Viewed from the front, it’s a spooky take on what would happen if the Nissan Juke and the C8 Corvette had a baby. Explored from the rear, it looks... complicated and noisy.

We’re pretty sure Ferrari won’t take this berserk approach once the real-deal Purosangue is ready to hit the market. Anyway, we’re more interested on what Ferrari’s first-ever SUV packs under the hood, which for now remains a mystery and a debate-generating topic.

Ferrari could go for either a V-8 or a V-12 (or both, like Bentley did with the Bentayga V8 and W12). The V-8, if given the green light, would most likely be of the turbocharged ilk, while the V-12 would remain normally aspirated. At this point, all-wheel drive is also on the table as is hybridization in one form of another - mild or plug-in.

This Ferrari Purosangue Rendering Looks Like The Devil Spawn of The C8 Corvette and Nissan Juke
- image 978221

Regardless of the powertrain type, expect the Purosangue to turn power and torque all the way up to 11. After all, it has to do battle against 600+-horsepower rivals such as the Urus and the Bentayga. The Aston Martin DBX could be another throat for the Purosangue to jump at, although it "only" makes 542 horsepower.

There are no pictures of the interior, not even those sketches carmakers like to throw around for "teasing" purposes. So, without anything palpable to rant on, we’ll just have to wait for Ferrari to make a move and unveil the Purosangue. Until that happens, the occasional audacious rendering game should keep us busy, if not entertained.

Source: Giorgi Tedoradze via Behance

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