Automakers, please produce this wild mashup of a supercar!

Renderings often serve as a fun expression of what we expect from new cars or the evolution of current cars. Sometimes, people create fun, unique renderings that look back on iconic cars from the past with a modern twist of what they would look like today. Every now and then, however, something truly amazing comes to digital life, and that’s the case with the rendering we’re about to discuss here. In short, someone took styling cues from a handful of cars that are iconic in their own right and created an all new car that has never existed and never will exist. Is this what it would look like if some of the greatest car companies in the world came together to build a truly unique supercar?

What Cars Were All These Design Cues Borrowed From?

This Five-Car Mashup Rendering Is the Epitome of Unfulfilled Desire Exterior Computer Renderings and Photoshop
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The very first thing I see when I look at this rendering is the undeniable truth that it’s based on the new, mid-engined Chevy C8 Corvette. That is painfully evident in the side profile. But, when you look up front, there are clearly cues from the Audi R8 – hello, there big Audi grille – and those corner intakes have McLaren written all over them. We’re guessing they are lightly modified cues from the McLaren 720S but they also scream 600 LT too.

This Five-Car Mashup Rendering Is the Epitome of Unfulfilled Desire
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You can also see some McLaren cues in the front splitter and side skirts, but there also looks to be a few touches from the Ford Ranger Raptor in front grille too. How’s that for strange? As for the wheels, they appear to be sourced from the new 2002 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. It would be really nice if Carlifestyle had rendered the rear end as well. It really leave us to wonder if there would be more C8 cues outside of the side windows, mirrors, and roof. Perhaps there would be some cues from other cars in the rear? I always thought the Rimac C_Two splitter would look amazing on the rear end of the C8, so maybe this could be a six-car mashup instead?

This Five-Car Mashup Rendering Is the Epitome of Unfulfilled Desire
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In the end, this is a very fun rendering to take a gander at, and it really makes you question just how much you know about modern-day supercars. Trying to pluck out all of the details and identify them is a lot of fun, so let us know if you’ve spotted something we haven’t and if you think those really are Raptor cues in the front grille.

Can you name the 5 cars mixed in this photo? 👀 Let’s see if you know your cars! Photo design by @carlifestyle

Posted by Carlifestyle on Friday, February 28, 2020

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