• This Fox-Body-Inspired Notchback Mustang Rendering Is the Retro-Styled Mustang We Deserve

The Fox Body Mustang was the only truly unique Mustang in the name’s history, and this rendering brings it into the future.

Most Ford Mustang fans will agree that there was something special about the third-gen Fox Body Mustang. Bring up the Notchback, and you’ll be sure to draw up some interesting conversation. The third-gen Mustang was so unique in that it was a complete rebirth of the name and featured next to no retro design cues from previous iterations outside of the GT’s fake side vents on GT models in the late 80s and early 90s. Following the third-gen model, which was in production from 1979-1993, by the way, the bubbly Mustang came to life followed by the more retro-styled fifth-gen model, and finally, the model we have today. Now a new rendering has painted Fox Body Notchback design styling onto a modern Mustang, and we’re convinced that this is the modern Mustang that we deserve.

Notchback Design Cues on a Modern Mustang – Why Hasn’t This Happened?

What you see here is a pretty smooth blend between the Fox Body Notchback and a current-gen Mustang. However, there’s obviously more Notchback DNA than modern DNA, and I have to admit that it’s a good thing. The front end is dominated by similar headlight styling and a muscular hood. The way the modern grille shape and lower fascia have somehow blended with the old stuff is impressive given the differences.

The real notable features, however, spring to life around back where the rear end has been fashioned in the same but modernized light as the old Notchback.

The rear glass isn’t curved, and the rear pillar isn’t as upright as on the original, but I think that’s part of the charm.

This Fox-Body-Inspired Notchback Mustang Rendering Is the Retro-Styled Mustang We Deserve
- image 925103
This Fox-Body-Inspired Notchback Mustang Rendering Is the Retro-Styled Mustang We Deserve
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More interesting than this, however, is how well the wide rear taillights actually fit into the whole design. Just imagine if these taillights were found on the original Notchback – now that would have been something. All of this aside, one could argue that the rear end looks a little too much like the boxy Challenger, but at this point, we don’t mind. I’d love to see the next-gen Mustang come out looking just like this, and I have a feeling all of you would as well. Let us know what you think about the rendering in the comments section below.

Source: WB.Artist20 via Instagram

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