Yes, that’s a Bentley V-8 of all things

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Bonhams is auctioning what could very well be the work of a car-loving Dr Frankenstein. Except that it is not. This concoction came from the workshops of Alexandre Danton aka Danton Art Kustoms from France, and it mingles a Bentley engine mounted in the front of a butchered Porsche 911 body. It is also described as a “stunning special supercar from famed designer” but we know better.

This Front-Engined Porsche 911T Is Automotive Rape At Its Finest
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OK, so where do we start? How about this: Bonhams says that “paperwork accompanying the car” identifies the donor vehicle as a 1971 Porsche 911T.

We figure the original was either in a very advanced state of degradation or severely damaged beyond repair because there is not a good reason on this Earth for a classic 911, let alone a 911T, to be turned into a zombie. Just like there is no reason why a car should have metal spikes attached to its rear wheels.

This Front-Engined Porsche 911T Is Automotive Rape At Its Finest
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Anyway, the build – which has a double-wishbone front suspension in the front and a solid rear axle with traction bars and coil springs - is powered by a 6.75-liter V-8 taken from a Bentley Mulsanne Turbo.

Output resides somewhere north of 300 horsepower and since it does not have to move 5,000 pounds worth of fancy car anymore, it might make for a scary ride, we will give it that.

This Front-Engined Porsche 911T Is Automotive Rape At Its Finest
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As far as the interior goes, all we can spot in there is a bare-bone Brembo steering wheel, some fighter jet-inspired switches and four gauges. Oh, and there’s a pair of aluminum bucket seats in there. That said, maybe some good Samaritan buys it and kills it with fire.

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