Volkswagen has a lot of hopes pinned on this car, but some things might drive you away from it!

The ID.3 is a very important car for Volkswagen. The company is aiming to capture a strong market share in the EV segment with this product, and even pitting it against the likes of the Tesla Model 3. The ID.3 looks futuristic and is pretty spacious on the inside. And, it even comes with a host of new tech features. But, it is as good in real-world conditions as it sounds on paper? German YouTube channel Autogefühl has a brutally honest review on this new EV for us.

How Is The Volkswagen ID.3 On The Outside?

This Full Video Review of the Volkswagen ID 3 Is Brutally Honest
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The video gives us a very good sight of the ID.3 in the actual, real conditions. The turquoise colored car is an attention-seeker and looks pretty cool. One interesting catch shown here is the headlights that look like human eyes, moving around. Although it roughly measures the size of the Golf, it has a much longer wheelbase, making it more spacious than its internal combustion-engined sibling. The rear wing doesn’t look very smart, but it surely aids aerodynamics.

What Powers The German EV?

This Full Video Review of the Volkswagen ID 3 Is Brutally Honest
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The car is based on the MEB architecture and Volkswagen is expecting it to spearhead its electric segment in terms of sales. It is offered in three different battery packs – 48 kWh, 62 kWh, and 82 kWh.

The official figures suggest that they deliver 200 miles, 260, miles, and 350 miles on a full charge. The trim packed with the smallest battery pack makes 150 horses, whereas the other two make 204 horses. And, no, you cannot have them in different battery-horsepower combinations.

The Bad and The Ugly

This Full Video Review of the Volkswagen ID 3 Is Brutally Honest
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The car also comes with not-so-good features, like hard plastics, sophisticated power window switches, or even the unintuitive wing mirror adjustment joystick.

Also, EVs in the market generally claim to have stuff made of sustainable material, or eco-friendly stuff. Here, however, it comes wrapped in leather; or the more apt term used in the video, animal skin.

Not a lot of people will complain, but it does count as a negative point when it’s not seen in a good light.

This Full Video Review of the Volkswagen ID 3 Is Brutally Honest
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But, that said, Volkswagen is developing a less-cruel alternative. Volume rockers on the steering wheel offer haptic feedback and cry c-h-e-a-p. Also, the sliders on the steering wheel to swipe left and right aren’t the most intuitive ones. These things boil down to personal preference, but why fix something that ain’t broken?

There are a lot of such things covered in this video and you can check it out for yourself. Also, let us know what you think about the Volkswagen ID.3 once you’re done watching it.

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