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Thank the coronavirus pandemic for the recent rise to fame of esports. The nasty thing we hate that goes by the name of COVID-19 has acted as a catalyzer for online sim racing, although the movement still existed before the virus.

And it’s about the time when big-name carmakers are joining the fray that you know there’s a lot of potential (money, too) in this form of racing. Yet, perhaps one of the most appealing selling point of esports is the audacity of some race cars. Enter Team Fordzilla’s P1 concept.

It will never race in real life, but just look at this thing!

Ford is one of those carmakers that have racing deeply ingrained in its blood.

Endurance racing, rally racing, NASCAR, Formula Drift, Formula 1 (albeit as an engine supplier), you name it; the Blue Oval was or is still involved in it through its Ford Performance arm.

The P1 (unrelated to McLaren’s hybrid hypercar) isn’t the work of Ford Performance, though. Team Fordzilla, Ford’s esports specialists (i.e. top gamers) launched in 2019, handled the project, with a little design help from the concept’s lead designer, Arturo Arino, and input from Ford’s social media fanbase.

This Gamer-Designed Ford Race Car Is Clearly the Future of Racing Exterior Computer Renderings and Photoshop
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We can’t provide any specs of sorts - for obvious reasons - but we believe the photo gallery is making up for that quite nicely. You’ll be pleased to see that the GT40 concept from the 1990s or the current Ford GT donated some of their styling cues to the Fordzilla P1, which adds both credibility and hope that the e-racer is ready to kick ass on screen.

There’s another neat feature, though: the car can shape-shift to adapt to both its driver and the circuit. For example, the high-speed straights at Le Mans can be tackled with a long-tail frame, while the tighter bends in Monaco are best dealt with by using a shorter body.

This Gamer-Designed Ford Race Car Is Clearly the Future of Racing Exterior Computer Renderings and Photoshop
- image 931260
Oh, and get this. Ford promised to build a life-size replica of the P1 concept by the end of the year.

In fact, work is already underway at the company’s design studios in Cologne, Germany.

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