The eBussy also has a weird powertrain configuration; it churns out 20 horses and 737 pound-feet of torque!

There is no dearth of innovations in the automotive industry today; especially the booming electric vehicle segment. But, something like this? It’s insane.

A German electric startup called Electric Brands has developed a new concept vehicle called the eBussy. It is underpinned by an electric modular platform and will be offered in 10 different body styles. The way this EV transforms, it deserves to be in the next Transformers movie!

What Is The eBussy?

The eBussy is an electric vehicle that is underpinned by a fully modular electric architecture. It starts as a flatbed truck and can be customized in a way where it’s fit for either urban commutes or off-roading.

Then you can choose to have it as a bus, a universal transporter, a dump truck, a “kipper” pickup, a suitcase van, a single-cab pickup, a pickup bus, an open-Cabrio pickup, or a camper.
This German Electric “Thing,” aka the eBussy, Can Transform Into 10 Different Body Styles
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Not just this; you can also change its driving position from a left-hand-drive to a center drive, to a right-hand drive. This is possible because the eBussy makes use of drive-by-wire technology. The steering wheel and the pedals are not mechanically connected to the wheels. Apart from this, it also comes with:

  • Removable batteries
  • Solar-powered roofs
  • Smart storage options
  • Multi-utility cabin

What Powers The eBussy?

This German Electric “Thing,” aka the eBussy, Can Transform Into 10 Different Body Styles
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The eBussy is powered by in-wheel hub electric motors that make 20 horses combined.

However, it churns out 737 pound-feet of torque! I assume this to be the wheel torque and not the engine torque figure. Wheel torque is always a lot higher than the engine torque and that is one of the things that EV automakers tend to promote. Jason Fenske from Engineering Explained recently uploaded a video that kind of explains the difference.

This German Electric “Thing,” aka the eBussy, Can Transform Into 10 Different Body Styles
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Electric Brands has equipped a small 10-kWh battery pack. Surprisingly, the company claims a range of 124 miles. An optional 30-kWh battery pack will also be available that’s good for 373 miles!

The rig also comes with a regenerative braking system and solar panels on the roof, but the company has not said how much range it would add. The company is also planning to establish a network of charging stations in the future. Depending on the body style, the eBussy weighs between 992 pounds and 1,322 pounds. No wonder it’s meant purely for urban commutes.

Final Thoughts

This German Electric “Thing,” aka the eBussy, Can Transform Into 10 Different Body Styles
- image 924505

Such concepts are generally priced exorbitantly high, but the eBussy, surprisingly, seems quite affordable. The eBussy will start at €15,800, which is approximately $18,500 and top out at €28,800 for the off-road camper variant, which is approximately $33,750 at the time of writing.

What do you have to say about the eBussy? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Source: Electric Brands eBussy

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