The Corvette and Camaro could one day look like these renderings

These two designs, rendered by Jingxu Zhan, are examples of what the future could look like for General Motors’ performance car lineup. Considering the nature of these futuristic designs and the two most recognizable performance cars under the GM umbrella, it’s entirely possible that Jingxu Zhan could be giving all of us a sneak peek of the future Chevrolet Corvette and Chevrolet Camaro. Raise your hands if you’re intrigued.

The car designer created two futuristic-looking vehicles of what appears to be the performance car persuasion. The image on the top of General Motors Design’s post on its Instagram account is a render of a sports coupe with a long nose and a GT-style roof that extends all the way to the rear.

The wheels are futuristic and the gold accents on the side sills and the rear section add some texture to the design. There are no windows to be seen or even a greenhouse, for that matter. But even without these elements, you can identify this design as a futuristic sports car. Perhaps it’s an iteration of a future-generation Chevrolet Corvette?

This GM Design Gives Us Hope For The Future of Performance Cars
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Jingxu Zhan’s other design is a lot more extreme. The roof, for example, sits so low and the fenders extend all the way to the wheels. There’s also a large translucent section — we’re unclear if that’s the hood or the rear section of the car — that exposes parts of the car’s suspension. The angle of the rendering doesn’t do any favors in identifying other parts, but you can tell without any doubt that this rendering is that of another performance car, perhaps even a future General Motors supercar.

Like most of the renderings we’ve seen in the General Motors Design Instagram page — the futuristic Sierra Denali HD Truck remains a favorite — it’s unlikely that we’ll get to see these two designs turn into actual models for GM down the road.
This GM Design Gives Us Hope For The Future of Performance Cars
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But even if that might be the case, the skill that’s required in creating and designing something like this should never go unnoticed. A shoutout, then, to Jingxu Zhan and his work. We might not get to see these two renderings in the real world, but at least we know that GM isn’t short on outstanding designers.

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