• This GMC Boulder Is How GM Can Take On the New Ford Bronco

If GM builds it, it could make life harder for the new Bronco and the Jeep Wrangler

Ford unleashed the new Bronco in all its glory earlier this year. It sure put the Jeep Wrangler on red alert, but other than that, it doesn’t really have any other competitor. Rendering artist Ryan Schlotthauer, however, has imagined the Boulder, a baby Hummer of sorts that has the potential to take on the Bronco and the Wrangler head-on. GM, can you just hire him already?

This GMC Boulder Is How GM Can Take On the New Ford Bronco Exterior
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Ryan uploaded his extensively detailed artwork on Behance and the work seems impeccable. Designed to be an electric off-roader, the Boulder looks like a serious contender to its American rivals. Up front, it has GMC branding with a unique set of headlights and marker lights. The short and stout bumper with tow hooks further solidifies its off-road demeanor.

There’s also a frunk with deep storage there. It is covered in green acrylic that doubles up as sunglasses, apparently. There’s no denying that it has the new Hummer vibes, but it still looks unique and distinct. The two-door concept is quite compact and focuses more on the utility for two people rather than adding a rear bench. The Boulder also features limb risers/bush cables, which are used to protect the windshield from damage when taking driving through dense foliage.

This GMC Boulder Is How GM Can Take On the New Ford Bronco Exterior
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The side profile is just as rugged as the front fascia, thanks to the high ride height. The Boulder also features off-road rubber wrapped in hot wheels. Black plastic cladding is present on all the sides at the bottom. The doors swing open backwards, similar to the rear set of a suicide-door setup.

The tailgate is split into two parts – the bottom half swings open sideways, whereas the top half goes upwards, like in a traditional hatch or a sedan. Interestingly, the spare tire is mounted on the top half and looks cool, but doesn’t seem too practical in a mass-produced car. Well, that’s just us nitpicking, but overall, this rendering looks good.

This GMC Boulder Is How GM Can Take On the New Ford Bronco Interior
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The interior is a typical concept cabin, with a hexagon-shaped steering wheel.

It seems old-school and modern at the same time. Fortunately, it doesn’t boast of any fancy touchscreens and follows a minimalist design all around. There are many other nice touches inside concerning the color theme, like an olive shade that gels well with a light tan color and matte grey surround. As I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of storage spaces in and around, and even behind the seats.

This is a complete project that has all the potential to be turned into a mass-produced car. There is, of course, no information on the powertrain specs and other technical information, but Ryan has provided sketches of the exposed frame, the battery pack frame, and how the electric motors would be fitted. By the way, it is rendered to feature in-wheel hub electric motors. We’ll hope to see GM capitalize on this design.

This GMC Boulder Is How GM Can Take On the New Ford Bronco Exterior
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What do you have to say about the GMC Boulder? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Source: Ryan Schlotthauer via Behance

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