Buying yourself the car of your dreams can be a complicated matter. Since most of us dream of owning ludicrous machines such as the Ferrari F40, Porsche 959, McLaren P1 or the LaFerrari, getting one is next to impossible unless you’re filthy rich. Or, you could win the lottery.

Very few enthusiasts can actually brag about having built their dream cars on the their front lawns. One such gearhead is Carter Kelly Kramer, who drives a bespoke BMW 2002 he bought when he was only 16 years old.

Kramer purchased the German coupe off eBay only to realize that it was far worse than described. Soon after he took delivery of the car, he crashed it through a fence. Because the insurance company wouldn’t cover the damage, he decided to fix the car himself.

"I had a pair of garden shears, I had a hack saw, I had a crowbar, and a sledgehammer..." Kramer says, adding that he had very little knowledge as to what it takes to repair a 2002. "I slowly learned by taking the car apart how the car goes together."

Although he fixed it, he decided to get rid of the 2002 as he went to college, buying a newer BMW. However, he soon began to suffer from seller’s remorse and got the car back, removed its chrome, repainted it, and tweaked the engine. It’s been four years since he took it apart, and the 2002 is arguably one of the most beautiful restomods out there. Check out the video for the full story and the insane engine note of this classic Bimmer.

BMW 2002tii

1972 - 1974 BMW 2002tii High Resolution Exterior
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