• This Hummer H1 has More than $100,000 In Upgrades!

  • This Hummer H1 Alpha has received several mods from Canepa and Predator.Inc
  • $100,000 in upgrades have completely transformed the Spartan Humvee
  • They were not only limited to performance upgrades, but also extensive changes to both exterior and interior
  • Predator Performance has made the SUV more capable than before by adding heavy-duty bumpers and a bull bar with a winch
  • With 16-inches of ground clearance and a super-aggressive °72 approach and °37.5 departure angle, this Humvee is very competent off-road
  • In addition to the ground clearance, this Alpha H1 is wearing beefy Toyo Open Country off-road tires
  • This H1 Alpha looks ready to take on a rescue mission out in the wilderness with its purpose built ladder and roof rack
  • Canepa was tasked with refurbishing the Interior or should we say Cockpit?
  • Upgrades include an Alcantara headliner along with leather seats
  • A high performance MOMO Steering Wheel was also thrown in.
  • It cost Canepa $60,000 to redo the Interior
  • Power comes from GM's tried and tested 6.6-liter Duramax Turbo-Diesel V8 with 360 hp and 640 lb.ft of torque
  • With these extensive upgrades, this blacked out Humvee means Business
  • Slide up to learn more about the H1 Alpha!

Do you still consider the iconic boxy Hummer H1 as cool and the ultimate off-roader? In that case, read on.

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When assembly of the Hummer H1 was ceased in 2006 not many have been able to purchase a brand new one. But, there are a few that are in like new condition, liek the one you see here. Canepa along with Predator performance was commissioned earlier this year to improve and restore this Hummer H1 Alpha to mint condition, and let’s just say, it’s better than new.

This Hummer H1 has More than $100,000 In Upgrades! Exterior
- image 997321

As we know, the AM General Humvee was originally commissioned and built for military use only, however, with popular demand, a civilian version - dubbed the H1 - was eventually introduced.

The immensely capable H1 was an SUV that could climb a 22-inch high barrier, negotiate a 60% incline, and wade through up to 30 inches of water. All thanks to its 16-inches of ground clearance and the super-aggressive °72 approach and °37.5 departure angle.

This Hummer H1 has More than $100,000 In Upgrades! Exterior
- image 997318

For the 2006 model year, General Motors introduced an improved H1 Alpha, model that was outfitted with GM’s 6.6-liter Duramax Turbo-Diesel V8 and a 5-speed Allison 1000 transmission. Horsepower was up 46% over the previous H1s, while peak torque was a whopping 520 lb-ft at 1500 rpm, which was 18% greater than the regular H1.

The Alpha upgrade also saw several structural and mechanical upgrades, inlcuding:

  • Special high-strength steel in the chassis frame
  • An improved steering gear
  • A new design of the geared hubs with quieter helical gears
  • Quieter axle differentials
  • New air induction system
  • New exhaust system
  • Upgraded electrical system
  • Re-engineered fuel supply and filtration system

The capacity of the Alpha H1’s two onboard fuel tanks was also increased to 51.5 gallons which was 9.5 gallons more than the previous H1.

This Hummer H1 has More than $100,000 In Upgrades! Exterior
- image 997308

Brake rotors were significantly larger, increasing in diameter from 10.7 to 12 inches. The body of the H1 Alpha is 2 inches higher than the preceding H1 to fit the new proportions of that Duramax diesel motor and Allison transmission. This gives the body panels slightly greater clearance from the wheels and any path obstructions.

Back then, the H1 Alpha retailed for $150,975.00.

The vehicle you see here was purchased from Hummer of Cincinnati and has been exceedingly well cared for, getting inspections and service throughout its life. It was stripped down to the frame and then rebuilt from the ground up with the help of an experienced team.

This Hummer H1 has More than $100,000 In Upgrades! Exterior
- image 997319

The upgrades done to this H1 by Predator.Inc are fairly extensive. Upgrades inlcude:

  • A D-Ring heavy-duty brush guard
  • Massive front and rear bumpers
  • An intake hood-scoop
  • LED lighting package
  • A 12k lbs Warn winch
  • Cepek military-style alloy wheels with bead locking
  • Central Fire Inflation System tire pressure control system
  • Open country M/T Toyo tires.

The vehicle looks ready to tackle anything you can throw at it and seems like the ideal vehicle to take on a search and rescue mission. With a ladder, roof rack, heavy-duty light bar and search and rescue console rack fitted to the outside, you wouldn’t think twice before taking it on your next expedition.

Other upgrades include Predator performance components, like a new exhaust system, fuel-injection system, revised ECU management, and a MOMO steering wheel.

The Duramax Diesel now produces 360 hp and 640 lb. ft of torque. Overall, Predator gave the SUV north of $30,000 in upgrades.
This Hummer H1 has More than $100,000 In Upgrades! Drivetrain
- image 997280

The same search and rescue theme also continues on the inside as well, albeit in the lap of luxury. In a cabin where you feel your passengers are in a different time zone, additions like an Alcantara headliner, leather interior, and handmade rubber floor mats try to hide the utilitarian nature of the vehicle. $60,000 was committed to upgrading the cabin of this one-of-a-kind H1.

Here’s your chance then to own this truly distinct Blacked Out Humvee, one of only 417 Hummer Alpha H1 vehicles ever made globally. The SUV has been enhanced to further improve its go-anywhere capability in a far more comfortable and classy cabin.

This Hummer H1 has More than $100,000 In Upgrades! Exterior
- image 997324

Find out more about this 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha on Canepa’s Website.

Source: Canepa

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