• This Huracan-Based Zyrus LP1200 Is 100-Percent Road Legal!

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That front splitter and rear wing look like they could cut a pedestrian in half easily yet for some reason, the Zyrus LP1200 Strada can be legally driven on public roads. What, you didn’t know what a Zyrus LP1200 is?

This Huracan-Based Zyrus LP1200 Is 100-Percent Road Legal! Exterior
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The Zyrus LP1200 has been undergoing pre-production testing for about two years on over 6000 kilometers (miles) of circuit asphalt, and it’s finally ready to meet its customer.

This is the Zyrus LP1200, a Huracan-based race car-looking supercar that you can drive around town without the fear of getting arrested and your car impounded.

First things first, though. In case you never heard of Zyrus Engineering, know they’re based in Norway and have been racing Lamborghini Huracans for quite some time now. This allowed them to get familiar with the Italian’s supercar’s ins and outs to the point that they can actually make it better. Enter the LP1200 Strada.

This Huracan-Based Zyrus LP1200 Is 100-Percent Road Legal! Exterior
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It’s based on the Huracan LP640-4 and Zyrus claims it fully rebuilt the car by hand and changed over 600 parts. Standard power extracted from the V-10 is 900 horsepower (for road use) but should you take it to the track, a turn of a switch will give you a 300-horsepower boost, making it 1,200 horsepower. Not bad for a car that tips the scales at 1,427 kilos (3,146 pounds).

This Huracan-Based Zyrus LP1200 Is 100-Percent Road Legal! Exterior
- image 961936

And if you though the McLaren Senna is dressed to the extreme, check out the LP1200 Strada’s body kit. It’s not there just for show, either. At 200 mph, it generates 2,010 kilos (4,431 pounds) of downforce. Impressive, right, but with a price. Each LP1200 Strada starts at €595,000, which is roughly $731,000 and more than double what you’d pay for a well-kitted, brand new Huracan Evo.

If it makes any difference, the price tag also buys you a track day familiarization package with the Zyrus team and engineers.

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