• This In-Depth Analysis of the Bugatti Bolide’s Aerodynamics Will Enlighten You

The Bugatti Bolide’s performance numbers seem a bit over the top and this video explains why

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The recently unveiled Bugatti Bolide is arguably the coolest and most radical creation from the French brand. But it’s also controversial. On top of being just an experimental prototype that won’t make it into production, it also comes with a few extreme performance figures based on Bugatti’s very own simulations. Since the Bolide won’t be tested in the real world, these figures will never be more than speculative. And many people, including the YouTuber Kile.Engineers, are questioning Bugatti’s claims.

This In-Depth Analysis of the Bugatti Bolide's Aerodynamics Will Enlighten You
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Like most enthusiasts that know a thing or two about aerodynamics, Kyle.Engineers thinks that Bugatti's numbers are not very realistic. Some seem overestimated, while others simply don't add up.

To talk about this, the vlogger made a 27-minute video in which he crunches those numbers based on the Bolide’s design and compared to other supercars from the brand. He also provides an in-depth analysis of the vehicle’s aero flow based on official shots and a walkaround made by Shmee a few weeks back.

The video is pretty long and goes into details and calculations that you might not be familiar with, but if you’re a fan of automotive aerodynamics, it’s a cool analysis that sheds light on how the Bolide was designed.

This In-Depth Analysis of the Bugatti Bolide's Aerodynamics Will Enlighten You
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In case you've been living under a rock, the Bolide is an experimental prototype built around a new carbon-fiber monocoque.

It’s somewhat inspired by the Chiron, but it’s much more aggressive on the outside, while the interior has been stripped in order to save weight. The Bolide tips the scales at 2,733 pounds, making it 1,623 pounds lighter than the Centodieci. It features the same W-16 engine, but it’s been upgraded to deliver a massive 1,824 horsepower and 1,364 pound-feet of torque on 110-octane fuel.

Bugatti claims a Nurburgring lap of 5:23.1 minutes and a Le Mans lap of 3:07.1 minutes, but both are based on simulations and haven’t been tested. The French firm also says that it will hit 62 mph in less than 2.2 seconds.

This In-Depth Analysis of the Bugatti Bolide's Aerodynamics Will Enlighten You
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Bugatti Bolide specifications
Engine W-16
Horsepower 1,824 HP
Torque 1,364 LB-FT
Weight 2,733 lbs
0 to 60 mph 2.2 seconds

The Bolide won’t go into production, and most of us won’t get to see it in the metal, but a virtual version of the car is now available in the CSR Racing 2 mobile game, where you can race it on the quarter-mile.

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