You think building a car is easy? Well, it might be easy if we’re talking about scale replicas. But building an actual car is a lot more difficult than most people think. Take for example the new BMW 7 Series. As one of BMW’s most important models, the 7 Series is built in what has to be one of the most sophisticated methods imaginable.

This video from YouCar shows the level of meticulousness BMW engineers have in making sure that every inch of the car is put in place perfectly. Sure, there’s a lot of robotic arms that help out in putting the frame and the chassis together, but even with this kind of technological assistance, it’s up to the engineers to ensure that the cars are put together the way they’re supposed to with absolutely no room for error.

The step-by-step way that the 7 Series is built is absolutely incredible. I particularly enjoyed the part when the sedan’s body comes together, beginning with the bare platform before pieces are put one at a time. It’s amazing how the car begins to take shape through this process. Once the frame is intact and the panels are put in place, the next steps of fitting the interior and installing the axles are shown, each coming with their own method of precision and accuracy. From there, final inspections are made before the cars hit the dyno for some testing to make sure that everything’s in place. As soon as that’s done, the cars roll out of the line, looking all dapper in their shiny new digs.

The video is more than 12 minutes long and it can get a little slow at times, but if you have time to spare, it’s definitely worth watching, especially if you’re in the market for a 7 Series.

2016 BMW 7 Series

2016 BMW 7 Series High Resolution Exterior
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