• This Is How The Stunts In Furious 7 Were Made: Video

Paul Walker’s final film will forever be remembered for two reasons: one is obviously Walker himself and the other is likely the incredible amount of automotive carnage that takes place in Furious 7. GoPro cameras were on set when every car stunt was filmed for the movie, and a "behind the stunts" video for YouTube was recently uploaded. Apart from the CGI scenes, which involved talented visual artists instead of armies of stunt men, most of the car chases and crashes that take place in Furious 7 were done with real drivers and real cars.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but all those cars jumping, crashing and even falling out of planes in the footage above kept me glued to the screen until the end. To put it into perspective, the countless teasers and trailers prior to this "Making of" video did almost nothing for me, as they seemed way too similar to almost every other movie from the Fast and Furious franchise. Obviously, part of the appeal of this GoPro video is its lack of CGI, so the actual movie should be nothing like it on the whole.

Either way, Furious 7 has arrived in theaters as of today and is expected to break all records established by its six predecessors. Whether you will want to watch it for Paul Walker’s tribute at the end, the camaraderie between most characters or simply for the amount of vehicular destruction, I have a feeling that you will enjoy it.


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