Tractors, by traditional standards, are slow and lumbering. They’re not meant to be raced, hooned, or used in drifting. But this commercial from German supermarket chain Edeka throws everything we’ve come to know about tractors out the window. Not only can this 420-horsepower tractor do all of its supposed functions, it can also do all sorts of things that are outside its wheelhouse.

It can spit flames from its exhaust. It can run an obstacle course, Gymkhana-style. It can do burnouts like a true boss. Heck, it can even stop on a dime to let a wandering little animal cross the road. Oh, and it can also perform a hot rod-style wheelie and crash through a barn door with the ferocity of an action hero. Evidently, there’s nothing this tractor can’t do as it makes a delivery of fresh apples to one of the Edeka supermarkets in Germany.

I think this tractor has another purpose in life. It can either star in the next Gymkhana video or appear in Expendables 4. Either way, I’d pay good money to see it get driven to its maximum potential. Clearly, this commercial doesn’t do its abilities enough justice.


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