Putting together a mini-sized Blue Oval legend

What’s your ultimate dream job? Race car driver? Astronaut? Rock star? While each of these occupations is a common, uber-glamorous answer, here’s one to add to the list that’s a little more low-key, but definitely a whole lot of awesome – Head of Design for Lego Speed Champions. That’s the official title held by Craig Callum, the brain and fingers behind Lego’s line of insanely cool performance automotive kits. Callum is responsible for bringing some of the world’s greatest four-wheeled machines to life by piecing together tiny plastic bricks, and in this one-minute, 20-second video, he explains the process he uses to make it happen.

Like any amazing Lego creation, Callum’s designs start as a pile of parts. From this mound of potential, the pro builder starts putting together a rough idea of what he’s going for, all while using pictures, CAD data, and 3D models of the original vehicle for inspiration.

One of the latest additions to the Speed Champions line is the Ford GT40, the legendary race car that dominated Le Mans back in the ‘60s. Joining it is a Lego’d version of the new Ford GT, a modern-day super car that managed to repeat history with a Le Mans win in 2016.

Is it a coincidence Craig Callum shares a last name with Ian Callum, one of the greatest British car designers of the modern age? Yeah, probably. But still, this guy obviously has some skill when it comes to making cool shapes.

Either way, hit play and feel free to dream about getting paid to play with Legos all day long.


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