But then again, would it be a good idea to modernize the Diablo?

Design has always been a big deal at Lamborghini and the brand’s DNA is best reflected in the audacious styling cues flaunted by its supercars. We’re not including the Urus here, although for a performance SUV, it certainly looks spicier than anything that’s out there at the moment.

That said, do we really need a Lamborghini Diablo adorned with modern design elements?

Lamborghinis are forever

Named in typical Lambo fashion after a bull raised by the Duke of Veragua in the 19th century, the Diablo was born in a stormy time for the Sant’Agata Bolognese manufacturer: Chrysler had just acquired Lamborghini and it simply couldn’t rest on the laurels of the Countach’s success.

The pressure was on for Lamborghini to deliver again and that’s why the head honchos at the helm demanded for a supercar with a top speed of at least 320 kph (200 mph). Luckily, the engineers out-delivered: the Diablo could reach 325 kph (202 mph) and go from naught to 100 kph (62 mph) in 4.5 seconds.

This is Probably What the Lamborghini Diablo Would Look Like if it Was Designed Today
- image 919147

Design-wise, the Diablo was an out-and-out Lambo. No doubt. It was wide, sat almost glued to the ground, and flaunted a futuristic wedge-shaped body that hid a 492-horsepower 5.7-liter V-12. The rest, as they say, is history.

But lately, various digital artists like to bring history back, or at least give it a modern twist. It’s what youtuber TheSketchMoney did with the Diablo, granting it a revised rear end with Y-shaped taillights and a duel exhaust setup a la Aventador SVJ.

This is Probably What the Lamborghini Diablo Would Look Like if it Was Designed Today
- image 919150

Do we like it? Let’s say the jury’s still out, simply because we loved the round taillights of the real-life Diablo and at the same time, we believe nobody should mess with the design of a Lamborghini (old and new), unless his name is Marcello Gandini.

Lamborghini Diablo drivetrain specifications
Engine: 5.7-liter V-12 engine
Horsepower: 492 horsepower
Torque: 428 pound-feet of torque
0 to 60 MPH: 4.5 seconds
Top speed: 202 MPH
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