Mitsubishi has brought its e-Evolution concept to the U.S. for the first time at the 2018 Los Angeles auto show after its last showing at the 2018 Geneva motor show. It’s a study for a sporty, all-electric performance crossover with an iconic name, but one that we don’t see reaching production any time soon, at least in a form as extreme as this.

This is the 2018 Mitsubishi E-Evolution Concept and We're Not Sure How to Feel About It
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The Japanese automaker clearly isn’t shying away from using some of its established nameplates on new and very different models to the ones we were used to. The Eclipse Cross is one example, and this concept is another, and while the concept itself won’t spawn a direct production model, it does strengthen rumors that Mitsubishi’s next Evolution (Evo) model will be a high-riding crossover (which may or may not be electric or electrified).

This concept looks really sporty for a tall crossover, thanks to a swept back windscreen, small side windows, and a generally quite small greenhouse; the floating roof effect certainly helps it out too.

Its front fascia is somewhat reminiscent of current Mitsubishi models, but at the same time it looks quite futuristic and different - it too adopts the current design trend of having multi-tiered headlights split into several clusters stacked on top of each other.

For what it is, the e-Evolution is certainly eye-catching, and its proportions are not bad either - if Mitsubishi is able to deliver a sporty production crossover that sticks very close to the study’s design, then it could be a hit, but it will probably be considerably toned down before it ever saw an assembly line.

2017 Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept Interior
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Multiple digital displays

Its interior also adopts a current trend in automotive design, - one that’s popular among concepts. I’m talking about, of course, a large superwide screen that runs across the top of the dash from one side of the car to the other. Here it integrates the feed from the two rear-view cameras mounted on the sides that replace conventional mirrors and also has additional screens mounted to the steering column to show speed and other essential bits of information.

The additional screens are used on the center console for controlling climate control and infotainment functions too.

Mitsubishi is trying to rebrand itself a manufacturer of high-riding vehicles, and this is reflected in all the concepts they’ve shown in recent years (most of which preview some form of crossover). Back in 2016, officials announced their aim to add one new crossover to the range every year by 2021, the first of which is the Eclipse Cross, next will be an all-new Outlander, then, further down the line, possibly a completely new Shogun/Pajero model.

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