This is the Coolest Homemade Lamborghini You’ll Ever See

This talented father built a ‘drivable’ wooden replica of the Lamborghini Vision GT for his son, and it’s fantastic!

Lamborghini revealed the Vision GT Concept back in 2019, and it was arguably one of the most radical designs from the Italian automaker. Lamborghini is known for sharp, aggressive styling, so a car that made other models with the portfolio looks like doodles says how bold the Vision GT Concept is. Although this isn’t a car that you can buy or even see it in real, for that matter, but this particular gentleman owns it. Confused? We’re talking about a wooden homebuilt replica he made that can actually be driven! Crazy, isn’t it?

Wood You Drive This?

This is the Coolest Homemade Lamborghini You'll Ever See
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The video was uploaded on ND – Woodworking Art’s channel on YouTube. The video starts with a kid getting his toy car stolen, which prompted the dad to build a replica of the Lamborghini Vision Gran Turismo at home. Having seen his work many times in the past, we were sure this would be a kickass replica, too. But, the father decided to take things up a notch this time around.

This replica is drivable, which means it has a strong frame underneath. The frame was welded using various frames of steel. A working rear axle and a suspension setup then made their way in. The team also equipped it with some pretty good-looking wheels, which later got even more impressive covers. Once the frame was ready, batteries were hooked up and all the wires set. Then came in all the wooden pieces that were measured, cut, and finally shaped before placing them on the structure. The builder then sanded them and got to dealing with more intricate details, like the wheel covers, brake rotors, calipers, etc.

This is the Coolest Homemade Lamborghini You'll Ever See
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The builder-father then moved on to the interior, where he carved the steering wheel and even mounted functional buttons on it. The badges were placed all around the body as well, all in wood. The last step was to lacquer the body and place LED light strips and the end result was nothing short of amazing. The video ends with the father-son duo driving around in it. Obviously, it isn’t too fast, but it’s still a fascinating project.

For the record, the Lamborghini Vision GT is powered by a 6.5-liter, V-12 engine and a 48-volt mild-hybrid system; the same setup seen on the Sian FKP 37. The combined power output is 808 horsepower and over 600 pound-feet of torque.


This homemade Lamborghini replica is a work of art and it looks quite lovely. It took just 96 days to build it from the scratch, which is very impressive. Watch this wholesome video and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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